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About the Montana Asthma Control Program

The Asthma Control Program at the Montana Department of Public Health and Human services is committed to improving the quality of life for all Montanans with asthma. 

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Wildfire Smoke and Your Health
-Partner Resources-

The Montana DEQ has developed a video about how to access and use the information on the Today's Air website. Click on the image below to to be taken to the Today's Air website where you can watch a video on how to easily access and navigate the page.

Informational Video made by Montana DEQ About Navigating Today's Air Website

Climate Smart Missoula has created two short videos about how to prepare for wildfire smoke and who is most at risk to be impacted by the poor air quality. The Climate Smart Missoula website provides more information on the health effects of wildfire smoke and includes instructions on how to read air quality levels using the Today's Air website and the Outdoor Activity Recommendations for Schools and Childcare Centers. Click on the image below to visit the Climate Smart Missoula website and watch the videos. 

Screen shot of the Wildfire Smoke page on the Climate Smart Missoula website

About Asthma

Asthma Data and Factsheets -Key information about asthma in Montana

Resources for People with Asthma -Materials, videos, and support for people living with asthma.

Montana Asthma Advisory Group -Group of individuals interested in improving asthma control in Montana


Continuing Education for Healthcare Professionals- In person and online opportunities for training

Referrals and Resources -Educational resources and opportunities for referral for your patients

Quality Improvement Projects -Professional and financial support for your office or hospital

Schools and Childcare

Staff Training- Online and in person training for schools, childcares, and coaches

Other Resources- Online and printed resources for schools and childcares

Grants- Mini-grants for school nurses and Certified Asthma Educators

School Health Website- Contains information related to school age children