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Medicaid/HMK Plus Copayment Meeting
Topic:  Copayment Changes Effective June 1, 2016
Date and Time:  Thursday, June 30, 2016 12:00 pm
Event Info:  Join WebEx meeting
Meeting Number: 802 359 743                   
Meeting Password:  Education   
Call-in Toll Free Number:  1-877-668-4490

Montana Medicaid is health care coverage for some low-income Montanans. Medicaid is run by DPHHS (Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services). Healthy Montana Kids Plus (HMK Plus) is health coverage for low-income children in Montana and is also run by DPHHS. The State of Montana pays about one-third of the cost of Medicaid and HMK Plus and the federal government pays the rest. Medicaid and HMK Plus do not pay money to you. Instead, payments for health care services are sent directly to your health care providers. If Medicaid and HMK Plus pay for health care: services must be medically necessary. Services must be provided by a health care provider who is a Montana Medicaid or HMK Plus provider. Services must be Medicaid or HMK Plus covered services.

Member Information

Montana Medicaid and Healthy Montana Kids Plus

Changes to Copayments Effective June 1, 2016

Changes to Benefits and Co-payments Effective January 1, 2016

Member Guide

Montana Medicaid and HMK Plus Member Guide

All Medicaid members are eligible for covered services in the Standard Medicaid benefit if the service is medically necessary.

Covered services include, but are not limited to: audiology services, clinic services, community health center services, dental services,doctor visits,  hospital services, immunizations, Indian Health Services/Tribal Health, laboratory services, mental health services, nurse first services, nursing homes, occupational therapy, pharmacy, public health clinic services, substance dependency services, tobacco cessation, transportation, vision services, well child checkups, and x-rays.

Health Care Services

School-Based Services

Member Resources

Need Help finding your local Office of Public Assistance, Enrolled Medicaid Provider, or Passport Provider, call Montana Health Care Programs, Member Help Line (800) 362-8312 for assistance.

Find a Montana Medicaid Provider

Find a Montana Medicaid or HMK Plus Dental Provider

Report a change for your case or apply for healthcare coverage

View details about your case

View mail for your case

I lost my Medicaid/HMK Plus Card call (888) 706-1535

HELP Plan Participants can contact Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana: Participant Services 1-877-233-7055, website:

Find a HELP Plan provider

Member Contact Numbers

Public Assistance Help Line
Eligibility or Reporting Changes
(888) 706-1535

Montana Healthcare Programs, Member Help Line
Medical Benefits
(800) 362-8312

Cardholder Help Desk
Montana Access Card
(866) 850-1556

Passport to Health Member Information

Passport Member Guide

Passport to Health Member Guide

Passport to Health is the primary care case management (PCCM) program for Montana Medicaid and Healthy Montana Kids (HMK) Plus members. The four Passport programs encourage and support Medicaid and HMK Plus members and providers to establish a strong doctor/patient relationship and ensure the appropriate use of Medicaid and HMK Plus services.

As part of Passport to Health, you are also enrolled in the Health Improvement Program. Depending on your health, you may be contacted by a nurse or health coach who can help you with health issues.

Choosing a Passport Health Provider

Please choose a Passport provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, medical clinic, Indian Health Services (IHS) clinic.

Choose a Passport Provider online or by calling the member Help Line at (800)-362-8312

Remember you will need a referral (permission) from your Passport provider before you can see most other healthcare providers.

Passport to Health Contact Numbers

Passport Member Help Line (800)-362-8312