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State Health Improvement Plan

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Big Sky. New Horizons. A Healthier Montana: A Plan to Improve the Health of Montanans, June 2013
Big Sky. New Horizons. A Healthier Montana (2 page summary)
The State of the State’s Health: A Report on the Health of Montanans, 2013

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Public Health and Safety Division has convened partners from around the state who share an interest in improving the health of Montanans to develop and launch a State Health Improvement Plan titled “Big Sky. New Horizons. A Healthier Montana.” 

Stakeholder Meeting Presentation

The State Health Improvement Plan and its implementation are intended to create a long-term, systematic collaboration to address critical public health problems.  It is the goal of The DPHHS to have the plan guide the efforts of public health system partners, including clinicians, hospitals, local and tribal health departments, voluntary health organizations and other stakeholders, in setting priorities, and coordinating and targeting resources to address them over the next five years.

Contact (406) 444-9352 or lkrywaruchka@mt.gov for questions or to get involved.


Montana’s Health Improvement Plan, entitled, “Big Sky. New Horizons. A Healthier Montana.” outlines key strategies to improve the health of Montanans to the highest possible level.  The purpose of this plan is to elevate awareness about critical public health issues that have the best potential to improve health. This cannot be accomplished through a single plan of action or by an individual organization.  Achievement will require a high‐functioning public health system comprised of active public, private, non-profit and other community partners.

Task Force Role

Governor Bullock has appointed a diverse Task Force to assist the Department of Public Health and Human Services in implementing the State's health improvement plan and monitoring progress in creating a Healthier Montana

  • The Task Force will focus on ways to advance four major strategies outlined in plan
    • Public health policy development
    • Prevention and health promotion
    • Access to health care, particularly clinical preventive services
    • Strengthening Montana's public health and health care system
  • The Task Force will explore other critical cross-cutting themes
    • Better integrating public health and medicine
    • Influencing communities, schools, worksites and other settings to join in efforts to create healthier environments
    • Stronger integration of DPHHS programs and services
    • Coordination with Affordable Care Act implementation
  • Task Force members will act as ambassadors for state health improvement plan
  • The Task Force will actively engage with a broader stakeholder group using in-person meetings, webinars and other technology, and participation in other stakeholder meetings. 

The Task Force will also identify opportunities to strengthen existing partnerships, build new partnerships, and encourage partner participation in creating a healthier Montana through local initiatives implementing specific strategies outlined in the plan.  Particular emphasis will be placed on increasing the use of evidence-based clinical preventive services and evidence-based public health programs and services to address documented health needs.

The Task Force will monitor the Department's development of methods to track participation and progress in implementing the plan (at local, tribal, state and stakeholder group levels)

  • This will include developing short-term and intermediate measures of success, and
  • Tying participation and short-term and intermediate measures to health indicators articulated in the plan

Healthier Montana Task Force Members
November 20, 2013 Task Force Meeting