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Resources for Grantees

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Montana Children's Trust Fund Grantees

2016-2017 CTF Grantees

Quarterly Reports

For the 2016-2017 cycle, please remember that all reports are due electronically to Melissa Lavinder. Ensure that the person who completes/submits your reports is aware of this. Grantees will submit a 1st Quarter Report, 2nd Quarter Report, Renewal Application and Final Report this year.

Final Reports are due July 31, 2017 no later than 11:59pm. We advise that you add a reminder to your calendar and review all instructions carefully. Please review the tips on completing the outcomes section of the application.


Financial Reports

Please remember that all reports are due electronically to Melissa Lavinder. Ensure that the person who completes/submits your reports is aware of this. Your financial reports are due quarterly; however, if you need to receive payment more frequently let us know and we will work out an alternative schedule. Please follow the guidelines below. Financial Reports completed incorrectly will not be paid until they are corrected and returned.

Financial Report Guidelines

  • Use the financial report template.
  • Make sure to add your new contract number on all forms.
  • Submit all timesheets and receipts for expenses in order of line item that it appears. Label receipts to show which line item it relates to.
  • Double check your math before submitting your financial report.  There should never be any negatives in your line items.
  • If you need to adjust your budget, complete and submit the budget modification template for approval.
  • If you find yourself struggling with the template, contact Melissa at 444-6936 or

Annual Grantees Meeting

We are currently in the planning stages for the MT CTF Annual Grantees Meeting. The meeting to be held in Helena. Up to three CTF funded staff are required to attend from each program. You are encouraged to bring a parent leader who can count as 1-2 of your 3 people. If a program fails to attend the annual meeting, they will be placed on probation and it could affect funding.

Please complete the Grantees Meeting registration by Tuesday, August 22nd. Please mention if you have dietary restrictions or need special accommodations. We pay expenses for this meeting. Mileage will be reimbursed at $0.52/mile and meals at the state per diem rate of $5/$6/$12 only for meals that are not provided at the meeting. Each program will have 20 minutes to give a presentation about your CTF funded program. Since some of the people in the room will be returning from last year, please try to freshen up your presentation. Programs must attend the entire meeting.

Other information

Use the MT CTF logo on any publications, press releases, etc. We prefer that you use the file with extensions AI or EPS whenever possible. If you are using our logo on banners or any media that will cause our logo to be significantly enlarged, the use of a vectored (extensions AI or EPS) version is mandatory. This keeps the logo from distorting when you change the size. Contact Melissa at or 444-6936 if you have questions or need assistance. Per the MT CTF RFPs, it is mandatory that programs funded by the MT CTF use the MT CTF logo on all publications/awareness materials. In press releases, articles, etc. where the logo would not be appropriate you should mention the MT CTF grant funding.

If there are any changes or concerns (i.e. staff, program, board, location, issues with services, etc.) to your CTF funded program, you should notify me immediately. This will help us in assisting you to better meet your goals.

As a best practice, the MT CTF will require that programs request records checks (background check) on employees and volunteers in the program funded by the MT CTF. A Child Protective Service Background Check (also referred to as a records check) completed by the MT DPHHS, CFSD is a check of the CFSD history that is available on a person from 1997 to the date the check is completed. The check conducted using only the name(s) and other identifying information included on the Release of Information form.