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2015-2016 Grantees

2015-2016 Grantee Contacts

Billings, MT
Forever Families offers support to foster and adoptive parents with the goal of ensuring adoptions remain viable and adoption disruption does not occur resulting in the children returning to foster care. Forever Families hopes to increase awareness concerning the stresses related to and as sit in ensuring adoptive parents are thoroughly prepared and support. Forever Families provides post-adoptive services through support and education to families including respite events for parents, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, parent driven support groups, parent lead mentor program, training for parents, family fun activities, and a resource center. The MT CTF funds Forever Families’ services in Yellowstone, Stillwater, Carbon, Sweet Grass, Big Horn, Fergus, and Musselshell Counties.

Family Support Network recognizes that children are the foundation of the future and that the family, as a basic unit of society, is the natural environment for the growth and development of all its members. Our agency seeks to provide intervention, support and assistance to children diagnosed with a mental illness and their families, as well as families and their children at risk for abuse or neglect. FSN recognizes the importance of parents in the lives of their children and seeks to help them access appropriate support and services and to educate them in appropriate, nurturing parenting techniques. Family Support Network provides parenting classes combining an evidenced-based program (Nurturing Parenting Program) and Native American culture and traditions for families in Wyola and Crow Agency. The MT CTF funds Family Support Network’s services in Big Horn County. These services include 10 week parenting classes in both communities of Crow Agency and Wyola, sponsored Family Fun Nights in both Crow Agency and Wyola and an event to recognize April Awareness of Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.

Bozeman/Belgrade, MT
Thrive established the Parent Place as a place for parents to receive parenting classes, support groups, resource library materials, home visiting, and community resource referrals. Parent Place offers Love and Logic and Parents as Teachers classes, “Dynamite Dads” support group, Thriving Babies, Thriving Tots, Thriving Kinders, Thriving Sixth Graders, one-on-one parenting consultations, and family activities.

The Gallatin Early Childhood Community Coalition (ECCC) is a community-wide collaborative effort to promote thriving children from birth through age eight. It provides leadership to community partners with the goal of creating an efficient, effective and comprehensive system of early childhood services in the Greater Gallatin area to ensure that every child has a healthy and enriched beginning. The Gallatin ECCC will use the MT CTF funding to support child abuse and neglect prevention services in the Gallatin Valley, promote public awareness of early childhood issues, collaborate with partners to support a continuum of serves for homeless youth, support the work of the MT Project LAUNCH initiative, and engage more parental involvement in the Gallatin ECCC and MT Project LAUNCH councils.

Butte, MT
The Butte Community Council (BCC) was formed from an informal school readiness work group and has evolved into a formal early childhood coalition recognized by the State of Montana and represented by 27 organizations and 39 individuals. The BCC has elected officers, a coordinator; has created a Children’s Mental Health Committee (represented by 18 organizations and 41 individuals). The MT CTF is providing funding to support the implementation of the Circle of Parents evidence based program in Butte/Silver Bow Counties, increase public awareness of prevention resources and activities, and promoting parent leadership activities. Additionally, BCC members will participate in the “Caring for our homeless Community” group.

Dillon, MT
The Women’s Resource/Community Support Center was established to prevent and eliminate domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking through direct services to victims and their children. Prevention and education groups include Girl’s Group, Beaverhead Boy’s Club, Circle of Security, and Suicide Prevention. The center also provides the “Strengthening Rural Families” program including parenting classes and outreach, counseling services, safe houses, legal advocacy, a 24-hour crisis hotline, and other victim advocacy help.

Glendive, MT
The Nurturing Tree Family Resource Center
provides a place to find information and resources on raising children from infancy through the teenage years. The Nurturing Tree offers a wide-variety of community-based and prevention-focused programs and activities to strengthen and support families such as Love and Logic parenting classes, youth development programs, social connections, home visiting, family fun activities and parenting resources.

Great Falls, MT
Alliance for Youth, Inc.
will promote and process referrals to Circle of Security Parenting and Nurturing Parenting Programs through a variety of community venues. Circle of Security Parenting cohorts (10 sessions each cohort) and Nurturing Parenting cohorts (16 sessions each cohort) will be implemented across the calendar year. Each parent/caregiver will participate in at least two individual sessions (one pre-program and another individual session mid-program). Additionally, Alliance for Youth will facilitate implementation of a Trauma Informed Community Initiative, improving community-wide implementation of evidence-based, trauma informed policies, principles and practices. This initiative will reduce early childhood trauma, prevent re-traumatization and mitigate existing effects of trauma.

Helena, MT
The Lewis and Clark Public Health
helps provide parents with the knowledge and resources they need to create safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for children. Lewis and Clark Public Health offers Year Round Parenting from the Heart which consists of  Circle of Security parent education, Parents Anonymous parent support, and home visitation services.

Lame Deer, MT
Best Beginnings Early Childhood Community Coalition protected by the Northern Cheyenne Tribe
was established in 2012 and currently has 22 partnerships/stakeholders bound through signed Memorandum Agreements and a Tribal Resolution. Their general committee meets monthly to discuss goals and objectives for the implementation of services. The Coalition has an active Steering Committee comprised of administrators from Tribal programs, schools, and organizations that meets monthly. The Coalition has four subcommittees: Family Spirit, Circle of Kinship Care, Drug Task Force, Drug Free Communities. The MT CTF is providing funding to support the “Family Spirit” evidence based home visiting model, approved by the developers at John Hopkins Center for America Indian Health.

Livingston, MT
Community Health Partners/Learning Partners Family Center’s
mission is to strengthen and support families in south central Montana. Services are aimed at enhancing and expanding services to meet the unique needs of families who began parenting as teenagers. The program offers Parents As Teachers home visits, Dialectical Behavioral Training, parent classes, parent support groups, early childhood education, primary health care access, and a family resource center.

Miles City, MT
Developmental Education Assistance Program (DEAP)
provides family education, family preservation and support, childcare, health nutrition, home visiting, social activities, parent/child activities, respite care, parent leadership, resources and referrals, and residential services to families, children and adults. DEAP is a member of the Community Early Childhood Collaboration and provides the Parents As Teachers program and partners with Child & Family Services utilizing the Safe-Care model. DEAP  holds a 6-week summer program for school age children with disabilities, which involves skill building, specialized services and community education, awareness and social/recreational experiences and provides evidenced based ABA services to children with autism and their families.

Missoula, MT
The Parenting Place
supports parents and families, especially in the form of parenting skills training and coping skills during times of stress or crisis. The Parenting Place provides the Nurturing Program parenting classes, Parent Aide Home Visitation, respite care, parent leadership opportunities, family events, and resources and referrals. The MT CTF funds The Parenting Place’s services in Missoula County.

Healthy Start Missoula (HSM) was formed under the Missoula Forum for Children and Youth (The Forum) in the 1990s and became Missoula County’s local BBCC in 2011. HSM currently has 13 executive council members and 23 general members. The MT CTF funding will be used to expand respite care at The Parenting Place in Missoula, to provide parent leadership workshops, and to connect more at-risk families with appropriate supportive services.

Poplar, MT
Roosevelt County and Fort Peck Tribes Best Beginnings Community Council
was established in 2012, working with Fort Peck Tribes Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Program coordinating the community-wide effort for Fort Peck. The MT CTF is providing funding to support their continued effort in child abuse and neglect prevention by supporting the evidence based Parents As Teachers Home Visiting Program; providing additional training to service providers on recognizing and responding appropriately to signs of child abuse; promoting awareness month activities; creating a map of available services for homeless and at risk teens and coordinating a health fair to connect them to existing resources; and to assist in coordinating and growing the council.

Thompson Falls, MT
Sunburst Community Service Foundation
offers Circle of Security parenting classes and parent/child activities. Sunburst also provides a Family Concepts Home Visitor Program. Sunburst will be expanding to include parent support groups.