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Children's Autism Waiver

Children’s Autism Waiver MT.0667.R00.00 - 02/16/11

  • CMS Approval Letter
  • Waiver Description and Glossary - This section includes a statement of the purpose and a brief description of the waiver, an overview of the safeguards and contact information; Acronyms and terms frequently used in Montana's Developmental Disabilities system.
  • Appendix A : Waiver Administration and Operation - specifications for agency with authority for operation and waiver operational and administrative functions
  • Appendix B: Participant Access and Eligibility - specifications for waiver target groups, number served, and eligibility criteria
  • Appendix C: Participant Services - specifications for each services offered under waiver
  • Appendix D: Participant Centered Planning and Service Delivery - specifications for service plan development, implementation and monitoring
  • Appendix E: Participant Direction of Services - specification for participant opportunities to direct services
  • Appendix F: Participant Rights - specification for Fair Hearing,dispute resolution, and State grievance/complaint processes
  • Appendix G: Response to Critical Events or Incidents - specifications for State Incident Management policy and reporting system, safeguards concerning restraint and restrictive interventions, and medication management and administration
  • Appendix H: Quality Improvement Strategy - specifications for process used to determine that CMS assurances are met, including standards and documentation and monitoring requirements
  • Appendix I: Financial Accountability - specifications for financial processes, including rates, billing, claims and payment information
  • Appendix J: Cost Neutrality Demonstration - specifications for projections of service utilization and costs, data demonstrating cost neutrality, and information and methods used to obtain the estimates of the factors
  • Children's Autism Waiver Definitions - 02/16/11
  • Children's Autism Waiver Standards - 02/16/11
  • CMS Review MT 0667 Final Report Cover Letter - 02/16/11
  • CMS Review MT 0667 Final Report - 02/16/11