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MT INVEST Training

MT INVEST Employment Specialist Training

We are pleased to announce the release of a new FREE online training curriculum, Montana Integrated Vocational Employment Specialist Training (MT INVEST). MT INVEST is a joint project of the Developmental Disabilities Program and Vocational Rehabilitation, and is available to our employment partners and the public throughout the State of Montana!

Many of us know somebody that has a disability. Individuals with disabilities can face additional challenges to obtaining and retaining good jobs. To create an opportunity for that person to be most successful, there are several activities and/or steps to identify employment options that are a good match to the person’s skills, interests, and workplace preference (likes quiet or likes noise and activity for example). The curriculum and testing will help learners develop the skill of facilitating Employment Supports, as well as inspire and motivate employment staff to new levels of performance and professionalism. Whether you are helping a family member or friend, or whether you are or plan to be, an employment specialist professional: this information can help you bring successful results to those you are assisting.

The course consists of five sections, including resources and sample forms:

1. Introduction to Community Employment

2. Assessment for the Job Seeker

3. Job Development

4. Job Analysis, Training & Job Coaching

5. Long-Term Supports, Customer Service & Review

Each section will have a quiz, and then there is a final test after all sections have been completed and passed. People new to providing Employment Supports after July 1, 2014 and who will be paid to provide these supports MAY need proof of passing the FINAL test, so it is suggested you PRINT YOUR CERTIFICATE after passing the final test (ask your employer). It will also be emailed to you, so make sure to keep it for future reference. After completing the training, you can still utilize the information, forms, or other areas as you need.

You can access the course at www.ctatonline.org at your convenience (detailed instructions are at the link below). We anticipate the course will take between 5 to 15 hours to complete. You can leave the course at any time and come back to it at your convenience, so you can complete it according to your schedule. We encourage you to set a goal for your successful completion and involve your supervisor (if applicable) if you have any questions.

Detailed instructions for creating your account. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact the CTAT Online administrator at gbrandenburg@ctatllc.com or 303-349-4058.

Ultimately, our goal is your goal; to support the successful community employment of people with disabilities.