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Montana Medical Marijuana Program

Montana Medical Marijuana Program

The Montana Medical Marijuana Act (MMA) has seen many challenges and revisions since it was first passed into law in 2004. The most recent changes occurred when the 2017 Legislature passed SB333 creating more detailed regulations. The 2017-2018 Children, Families, Health and Human Services Interim Committee  provides oversight of the MMA and monitors implementation of the law.

The new cardholder registry/business licensing/employee (agent) badge and Seed to Sale tracking systems are now available! Providers and cardholders are not required to register in the Complia/METRC system until their annual renewal date or by December 31, 2018, whichever is sooner. The MMP is not accepting paper applications as they cannot be processed at this time. Providers must be compliant with all laws and administrative rules even if they are not in the new seed-to- sale tracking system beginning April 10, 2018. This includes, but is not limited to testing, labeling, packaging, signage and waste management.

Please do not call to check your status prior to 30 days from the date we receive your application.

Complia & METRC Application Quick Guide for Providers

The Department is giving registered laboratories and providers a 20-day grace period to comply with pesticide testing requirements.  The grace period will end on April 30, 2018.   All other required product testing needs to be done on products harvested or created after April 10, 2018.  Labeling should state that the product has not been tested for pesticides.  If providers have preprinted labels this can be hand written on the label.