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MT Working Group

Montana BRFSS Working Group

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System is continuously operating. However, at the beginning of each calendar year a new questionnaire is implemented. Although BRFSS questionnaires have a core section that is consistent between all the states and territories, each state has the opportunity to add questions to their questionnaire in order to meet the unique needs of the state. The Montana BRFSS Working Group is essential to the development of the yearly questionnaire.

The Montana BRFSS Working Group is comprised of program representatives within the Department of Public Health and Human Services as well as other state agencies and health-related organizations interested in adding questions to Montana's survey and using the results for program planning.

The objectives of the Montana BRFSS Working Group are as follows:

  • Participate in questionnaire development (i.e., content and length).
  • Make recommendations for modifications of the BRFSS sampling design.
  • Make recommendations regarding the analysis and reporting of the current data.
  • Maximize efficiency and avoid duplication within the questionnaire.
  • Establish criteria for adding questions to BRFSS (optional modules and state-added questions) and review requests for adding questions.
  • Make recommendations regarding cost for adding questions.
  • Monitor status of current data collection through updates from the Coordinator.

Decisions are made with the consent of the majority of the members although final decisions are the responsibility of the BRFSS Coordinator.

The Criteria and Procedures for Addition of Survey Questions brochure describes how to add questions to the yearly questionnaire. Following the proposal guidelines, submit requests electronically to the BRFSS Coordinator in August of the preceding survey year for review by the working group. Under normal circumstances, state-added questions append to the end of the questionnaire to avoid biasing any responses to core or optional module questions. CDC approval is required to place any optional module or state-added question into the core section of the questionnaire. We will not add questions that may adversely affect the response rates of the survey.

For additional information about procedures for adding questions to the Montana questionnaire, contact the BRFSS Coordinator.