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BRFSS Questionnaires

Montana BRFSS Questionnaires

The BRFSS questionnaires for Montana are available for viewing or downloading in PDF format by clicking on the survey year in which you are interested.

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Questionnaire Composition

The BRFSS questionnaire has three parts: (1) the Core, (2) Optional modules, and (3) State added questions. All states must ask the core questions without modifying wording or question order. Core sections are supported financially by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Optional modules or state-added questions are included on the questionnaire at a cost determined by the BRFSS Coordinator and paid for by the requestor.


Fixed Core: The fixed core is a standard set of questions asked every year. It includes queries about health status, behaviors that affect health (e.g., tobacco and alcohol use), and questions on demographic characteristics.
Rotating Core: The rotating core is made up of two distinct sets of questions, each asked in alternating years by all states, addressing different topics. In the years that rotating topics are not used in the core, they are supported as optional modules.
Emerging Core: The emerging core is a set of up to five questions that are added to the fixed and rotating cores. Emerging core questions typically focus on issues of a "late breaking" nature and do not necessarily receive the same scrutiny that other questions receive before being added to the instrument. These questions are part of the core for one year and are evaluated soon after the year concludes to determine their potential value in future surveys. See CDC questionnaire archive to search all questions that have been included in the core or optional modules since 1984.

Optional Modules

Optional modules are standardized sets of questions on specific topics that states elect to use on their questionnaires. Modules include a wide variety of topics such as, oral health, violence, cardiovascular disease, and environmental toxins. CDC standards require that, if the modules are used, they must be used without modification. If optional modules are altered, they are considered state-added questions. See Optional Modules by State or Category to see which optional modules were included in each state's questionnaire for each year.

State Added Questions

State added questions are any data item that is not part of the core or an unaltered optional module. CDC does not complete any of the data processing necessary for analysis of state added questions. Additionally, state added questions are not necessarily comparable to other states. However, state-added questions allow states the flexibility to address their unique issues. See the State-Added Questions Database to search state-added questions that have been included in BRFSS questionnaires across the country.

Questionnaire Development

The BRFSS questionnaire goes through rigorous testing before its use. Federal agencies submit proposals to the Division of Behavioral Surveillance (DBS) of CDC with a clear rationale for including questions in the core or optional modules.

A national questionnaire review committee, composed of a subgroup of state BRFSS coordinators, reviews the proposals and makes recommendations to the submitting agencies for changes prior to two rounds of cognitive testing of the new questions and field testing of the questionnaire. All BRFSS coordinators and DBS staff review the final versions of proposed questions at the annual BRFSS conference. 

Similarly, requests for inclusion of additional data items on Montana's questionnaire are reviewed by the state BRFSS Coordinator in consultation with the Montana BRFSS Working Group.

Several criteria must be met in order to have questions added to the Montana's BRFSS questionnaire. A written proposal must be submitted to the state BRFSS Coordinator in August (typically) of the year preceding the survey. Members of the state BRFSS Working Group make recommendations regarding which questions or modules will be included in the survey. Final decisions are at the BRFSS Coordinator's discretion based upon survey integrity.

If your agency or organization is interested in adding a question (or questions) to the BRFSS survey, please download the Criteria and Procedures for Addition of Survey Questions brochure and submit your proposal to the state BRFSS Coordinator.

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