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2017 Legislation

2017 Legislative Session

The information provide on this page is for education and information purposes. Unless specifically stated, the Department has not yet decided to take a position on any of these. While we attempt to keep information on these bills and hearings up-to-date, bill information and hearings can change quickly. Anyone with interest on a bill is encouraged to check using the links with each bill or check the 2017 Legislative Services LAWS website for accurate information.

Want more information about the session? (Legislators, committees, testifying) - Go to the Session Information page

2017 Bill Status Summary

This is a spreadsheet of EMS and health related bills being tracking.

  • Signed by Governor category - Bills that have passed both houses; are signed by the Governor and are law
  • Introduced Bills category - These bills are introduced and are in some stage in the legislative process
  • Un-Introduced Bills category - These bills are in various stages of being placeholders for bills; bills being drafted and bills ready to be introduced
  • On Hold Bills category - Bills that are in a hold status for numerous reasons and there is no drafting or other activity occurring with them.
  • Probably Dead category - Bills that the sponsor decided not to pursue or bills that have been killed in committee or on the floor of one of the houses

Summaries of Selected Bills as of 03/17

HB 61 - Revise and update 9-1-1 laws - A bill revising 9-1-1 laws; establishes a 9-1-1 advisory council; reallocates fees for awarding next-generation infrastructure grants. This bill has been in and out of committees, but passed the House on 02/15.
   - 03/14 - Hearing Held
   - 02/16 - Transmitted to Senate; Referred to (S) Energy and Telecommunications
   - 02/15 - Passed the House (96-2)

HB 71 - Require certain licensed health professionals be trained in suicide prevention - Requires RNs, ECPs, PAs and others to obtain training on suicide prevention every 2 years
   - 03/10 - Hearing Held; Tabled in Committee
   - 02/03 - Transmitted to Senate and referred to (S) Public Health, Welfare and Safety
   - 02/02 - Passed the House (84-14);

HB 73 - Regulate certain air ambulance memberships as insurance - Remove exemption for air medical memberships from insurance regulations
   - 03/14 - Passed Senate with amendments; Referred back to the House
   - 02/10 - Transmitted to the Senate; Referred to (S) Business, Labor and Economic Affairs
   - 02/09 - Passed House - (91-8)
   - 12/12 - Introduced; Referred to (H) Business & Labor

HB 323 - Authorize emergency use of opioid antagonist in a school setting - An act allowing a school to maintain a stock supply of an Opioid to be used in the event of an actual or perceived Opioid overdose emergency
   - 03/15 - Passed Committee (9-0)
   - 02/21 - Transmitted to Senate; Referred to (S) Public Health
   - 02/20 - Passed House (95-3)
   - 01/26 - Introduced; Referred to (H) Human Services

HB 333 - Adopt the Help Save Lives from Overdose Act - An act authorizing the prescribing, dispensing, distributing and administering of Opioid to eligible recipients; providing training; provides immunity. Expands availability of Naloxone to first responders and first responder entities (law enforcement, firefighter, and others)
   - 03/20 - Scheduled for Hearing
   - 02/21 - Transmitted to Senate; Referred (S) Public Health
   - 02/20 - Passed House (98-0)
   - 01/27 - Introduced; Referred to (H) Human Services

HB 580 - Provide for primary seat belt law for minors - Establishes a primary offense requiring a person under 18 years of age to use a seat belt
   - 03/27 - Scheduled for Hearing
   - 03/09 - Introduced

SB 44 - Provide process to hold patients harmless from balance billing by air ambulance - An act establishing hold harmless requirements for patients and dispute resolution processes for air ambulance providers and insurers
   - 03/23 - Scheduled for Hearing
   - 03/01 - Transmitted to House; Referred to (H) Business & Labor
   - 02/24 - Passed Senate (50-0)
   - 12/13 - Introduced; (S) Business, Labor and Economic Affairs

SB 104 - Authorizing establishment of an emergency care system - An act authorizing establishment of an emergency care system; Allowing the Board of Medical Examiners to determine the role of emergency care providers; allowing DPHHS to regulate the emergency care system and the the role of EMS services with community-based healthcare
   - 03/10 - Hearing Held
   - 02/25 - Transmitted to House; Referred to (H) Human Services
   - 02/24 - Passed Senate (44-6)
   - 01/11 - Introduced; (S) Public Health Welfare and Safety

  - SB 104 Fact Sheet
  - Community Health EMS Web Page

 SB 107 - Provide liability limits for emergency care by volunteer emergency responders - An act providing liability limits for emergency care by search ad rescue volunteers
   - 03/16 - Sent to Enrolling; Governor
   - 03/16 - Pass House (99-0)
   - 02/01 - Passed Senate - (49-0)
   - 01/11 - Introduced; (S) Judiciary

SB 135 - Generally revise laws related to first aid training in schools - An act encouraging schools districts to provide a program in first aid, CPR and the use of AEDs
   - 03/22 - Schedule for Hearing
   - 02/09 - Transmitted to House; Referred to (H) Education
   - 02/07 - Pass Senate (48-2)
   - 01/20 - Introduced - (S) Education & Cultural Resources

SB 142 - Revise laws related to volunteer emergency personnel and work's comp insurance - An act requiring fire agencies and EMS providers to notify their volunteers annually if Workers' Compensation coverage is not provided
   - 03/16 - Transmitted to Governor
   - 03/10 - Passed House (93-4)
   - 02/03 - Passed Senate (38-10)

SB 205 - Plan for improved delivery of care for acute heart attacks - An act requiring DPHHS to plan for improved delivery of care for heart attack patients; requiring data collection; requiring reporting
   - 03/15 - Hearing Held
   - 02/22 - Transmitted to House; Referred to (H) Human Services
   - 02/20 - Passed Senate (49-0)

SB 291 - Generally revise lien filings for certain ambulance bills - An act revising definitions related to medical lien laws as applied to ambulance services and insurers
   - 03/15 - Passed Committee (18-1)
   - 02/24 - Transmitted to House; Referred to Business and Labor
   - 02/23 - Passed Senate (50-0)

SB 292 - Revise credit reporting laws for ambulance debt from balance billing - An act revising debt reporting laws related to ambulance bills; prohibiting reports to consumer reporting agencies of untimely payments on balance bills under certain circumstances
   - 03/15 - Passed Committee (18-1)
   - 02/24 - Transmitted to House
   - 02/24 - Passed Senate (48-2)

SJ 13 - Joint resolution urging Congress to address air ambulance balance billing issues - A joint resolution of the Senate and the House requesting the Federal Government amend the Airline Deregulation Act to exempt air ambulance service providers and encouraging Congress to require more timely changes to Medicare reimbursement rates for air ambulances to keep up with inflation
   - 03/21 - Scheduled for Hearing
   - 02/24 - Transmitted to House; Referred to (H) Business and Labor
   - 02/24 - Passed Senate (47-3)

Not Yet Introduced

LC 2099 - Interim study of EMS and volunteer firefighters - A resolution requesting an interim study of Volunteer EMS and fire systems; requesting study of coverage areas, personnel shortages, training requirements, equipment needs, and compensation. Requesting strategies for enhancing the viability and sustainability of the services.

Tabled / Probably Dead

HB 196 - Institute vehicle registration fee for volunteer EMS - An act imposing a fee on certain vehicle registrations to support volunteer emergency services; establishing procedure for distributing grants with revenue raised by the fee

HB 268 - Create offense related to assault on healthcare and emergency providers - An act creating a felony offense of assault on a healthcare worker or emergency responder. Nurses in particular are trying hard to get it brought back up in committee.

HB 380 - Prohibit texting while driving - An act prohibiting texting while driving; requiring Dept. of Justice to include information on distracted driving in driver education programs and driver's manual

HB 441 - Generally revise human trafficking laws - An act requiring education and training on human trafficking for certain professionals (nurses, ECPs, law enforcement)

HB 503 - Require use of motorcycle helmet in operating motorcycle on public highways - An act requiring an operator and a passenger of a motorcycle to wear a helmet when the motorcycle is operated outside of the limits of a city or town

SB 9 - Provide for primary enforcement of seat belt laws - An act revising laws related to the use of seat belts and child safety restraints