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EMSTS Calendar

Conferences, Education, Meetings

Regional Trauma Advisory Committee Meetings

Central Regional Trauma Advisory Committee  (CRTAC)


October 26, 2017
Benefis Healthcare
Great Falls, Montana

For additional information, contact:
Lauri Jackson
Benefis Healthcare

Eastern Regional Trauma Advisory Committee  (ERTAC)


December 14, 2017
St. Vincent Healthcare
Billings, Montana

For additional information, contact:
Samantha Kaufman
St. Vincent Healthcare

Western Regional Trauma Advisory Committee (WRTAC)


October 13, 2017
Providence St. Patrick Hospital
Missoula, Montana

For additional information, contact:
Michelle Cole
Providence St. Patrick Hospital


Emergency Care Council

Emergency Care Council

October 10, 2017
Helena Face to Face meeting
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For additional information, contact:
Shari Graham
EMS Systems Manager


EMS for Children / Child Ready Advisory Committee

EMS-C / Child Ready Advisory Committee

December 9, 2017 (Friday)
10:00 AM  to 2:00 PM
Cogswell Building, Room C-209
1400 Broadway
Helena, MT 59601
For additional information, contact:
Robin Suzor
EMS-C/Child Ready Manager

EMS and Trauma Conferences

Emotional Trauma Life Support™

ETLS™ is a brand-new, extremely unique training program designed to train Emergency Responders in how to deal with emotional trauma both in themselves and their colleagues and in those we serve. Emotional trauma refers to the sort of extreme stress that overflows your ability to cope emotionally, cognitively, vocationally, and/or relationally. This can be from a single extremely disturbing event such as an unbelievably bad call or the sudden death of a loved one, or it can be from chronic stressors that wear down one’s ability to cope until even small stressors can wreak havoc.

When: February 6 & 7, 2018


Where: Chico Hot Springs Resort, Pray, MT


Cost: $75.00 for instate provides, $150.00 for out of states providers


Registration is limited to 50 students. Please register early to ensure your seat!


Click here for Information & Registration

Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)

ATLS Course Registration Portal

Click the link to the Course Portal
Expand "State of Montana Courses" on left panel
Expand "ATLS"
Courses are listed by location & date
Select your provider type for selected ATLS Course


For any questions or assistance, please contact Carol Kussman at: (406) 444-4459

List of other ACS ATLS courses around the country

Comprehensive Advanced Life Support (CALS)

Comprehensive Advanced Life Support (CALS)
October 11-13, 2017

For additional information, contact:
Jennie Nemec


Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)

Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) Contact for additional info:
Shari Graham
EMS Systems Manager
(406) 444-6098

February 24 & 25, 2018

Townsend, Montana
Broadwater Health Center Ambulance
110 N. Oak Street
Townsend, Montana  59644

Register for the Townsend Montana Course

March 10 & 11, 2018

Superior, Montana
Superior Area Ambulance Service
1202 5th Avenue East
Superior, MT  59872


Register for the Superior Montana Course

Emergency Nurses Pediatric Care (ENPC)


Please note:  Courses below are subject to change, please contact the designated individual of the course for more information. 
All Courses are 15.58 contact hours ENPC Provider Courses unless otherwise indicated.
     November 2017                     February 2018                                 ENPC Courses
     December 2017                     March 2018                                     
     January 2018                         April 2018                                       
LOCATION                                         DATES                                                    Course Director                                  Contact Information
November  2017
Lewistown, MT                                      November 18-19, 2017                                     Elaine Schuchard                                             Elaine Schuchard
December 2017
Billings, MT                                                December 4-5, 2017                                        Kim B. Todd                                                  Kim B. Todd
April 2018
Havre, MT                                                  April 27-28, 2018                                             Elaine Schuchard                                           Elaine Schuchard

Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC)

Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC)
No Classes at this time
For additional information regarding any of these courses please contact:
Robin Suzor
EMS-C/Child Ready Manager
(406) 444-0901rsuzor@mt.gov