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Community App

Cardiac Ready Community Application and Toolkit

In order to facilitate recognition as a Cardiac Ready Community, an application has been developed to guide interested community stakeholders through an evaluation of where they are and where improvements may be made in order to be Cardiac Ready.  Interested communities can start the process by reviewing the application and returning the Letter of Intent when they are ready for an assessment visit. In order to efficiently utilize resources and time, we will begin assessment visits in EMS Region 6 first and then move sequentially to Regions 2, 4, 3, 5 and 1. While it's going to be some months before we can visit some communities, the assessment tool can be used to optimize the community's readiness  before we visit. Minimum readiness will be measure by verification of at least level 3 in each category.  Achievement of level 4 will further challenge communities to be the best they can be and become communities of excellence.

Cardiac Ready Community Application and Toolkit (PDF)

Cardiac Ready Community Application and Toolkit (Word)

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