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Pediatric Readiness Assessments and Reports


Pediatric Readiness

Is Your Emergency Department "Pediatric Ready" and Able to Provide the Appropriate Pediatric Care to Any Critically Injured or ILL Child?

Montana hospitals recently completed the PEDIATRIC READINESS ASSESSMENT to see how we compared with our peers. Fifty-two (52) of 60 Montana hospitals responded to the assessment. 

Montana scored 58 out of 100 (58%), which is below the national average score of 70% by participating hospitals.

Click on the link to learn more about the MONTANA PEDIATRIC READINIESS SUMMARY (2013).

Learn more about the National Pediatric Readiness Project and to access several resources to help your hospital become Pediatric Ready.

Agreements Report 06-24-2014

Equipment Report 06-24-2014

Guidelines Report 06-24-2014

Offline Report 06-24-2014

Online Report 06-24-2014

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