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EMS Data Collection

EMS Data Collection

After reviewing comments from the November 2011 hearing on proposed data collection rules, an adoption notice was filed with the Secretary of State.  This filing includes one change from the proposed rules – the original January 1st effective date was extended to April 1st.   i.e. No later than April 1st, ambulance services need to begin providing data for the April 1st to June 30th quarter.  All data for that quarter will be due within 90 days of the June 30th quarter end (by September 30th).

It’s hard to believe that this process began some two years ago and we appreciate the support we’ve receive from EMS services in this important step for our EMS system.  A robust reporting system is being developed to enable you to see your own data and for others to see summary information of all services. We know that the collection of this data is on your shoulders and we will always be grateful for your efforts.  We will equally make every effort to see that this data gets used in ways that improves support for what you do and for the care you provide.

Between now and April 1st, we will be conducting several WebEx sessions to answer your questions and to discuss entry of minimum data into the EMSTS data system.  Many services are already using NEMSIS-compliant software and we will be working with them to be sure that their data can be uploaded with little effort.

In addition to continued training and informational sessions, we will be forming a data workgroup of the Emergency Care Council to help advise us on the continue development of this data system.  Interested person should contact Jim DeTienne.  Please consider volunteering for this effort as we would like all types and all levels of EMS services represented. Meetings will by WebEx so no travel is anticipated.