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New  Prescription Opioid Poisoning Deaths in Montana, 2000-2015

Drug Poisoning Deaths in Montana, 2003-2014 (Apr 2016: with updated table)

Urban-Rural Classification Scheme Presentation (Feb 2016)

The Office of Epidemiology and Scientific Support (OESS) maintains and distributes public health data from the following systems:

  • Montana Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS),
  • Montana Hospital Data Discharge System, and
  • Montana Vital Statistics Analysis Unit.

These data systems contain information on a wide variety of health issues and thus support Public Health programs in Montana. OESS's main purpose is to provide the most accurate and timely data possible to the Public Health and Safety Division Programs, the Department of Public Health and Human Services, local health agencies, policy makers, and community groups. In doing so, OESS strives to protect both the reliability of data being used to support public health functions and policies in Montana and the personal health information that is contained in such data.

Other programs within the Division also maintain data sets and release reports based on these and other data. They include: