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Montana American Indian Women’s Health Coalition 5 Year Plan


MAIWHC 5 Year Plan

Montana American Indian Women's Health Coalition

The Montana Women’s Health Coalition (MAIWHC) is a grassroots organization that was started through the Montana Cancer Control Programs (MCCP) American Indian Screening Initiative in 2000. MAIWHC was started to increase cancer screenings in American Indian women. Since its inception, MAIWHC members have been instrumental in reaching the American Indian population and providing much needed culturally appropriate material and education on the importance of cancer awareness and reducing risk factors.


To request additional information please contact:
Mark F. Wamsley, MBA
Program Manager
Montana Cancer Control Programs
PO Box 202951
1400 Broadway Rm C317
Helena MT  59620-2951
Phone (406) 444.0063
Fax (877) 764.7575

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