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WIC Retailers

Information for Retailers

The information below is intended for Authorized Montana WIC Retailers. If you are interested in applying to be a Montana WIC Retailer, please call Retail Services at 1-800-433-4298

Do you have a question for WIC staff?

eWIC inquiries, training, food lists, general WIC questions
Contact Kevin (406) 444-5530 / kmoore@mt.gov

Monitoring visits, Outreach, general WIC questions
Contact Shannon (406) 444-4746 / salmquist@mt.gov

Returned Benefits, Farm Direct, Contract application/renewal
Contact Glade (406) 444-2841 / groos@mt.gov

eWIC Information for Retailers

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 Montana WIC Program
 (State Administrative Office)
 1400 Broadway, Cogswell Bldg. C305
 PO Box 202951
 Helena, MT 59620-2951
 Telephone: 800-433-4298 or (406) 444-5533