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Tumor Registry

Montana Central Tumor Registry

Do you know what a central tumor registry is?  Watch this video if you would like to learn more about all that central registries do.

In the Spotlight!

Preliminary Cancer in Montana 2010-2014
MCTR Newsletter (Dec 2015)

Cancer in Montana - Annual Report 2008-2012
Investigating Cancer Clusters in Montana (July 2014)
MCTR Abbreviation List
NAACCR Abbreviation List

Cancer Data & Statistics

Tumor Registry Law and Rules

ARM Tumor Registry Rules
MCA Tumor Registry Law

MCTR Reporting Manuals

Data Sharing Policies and Procedures

MCTR Newsletters

For more information, contact:
Debbi Lemons, RHIA, CTR
Montana Central Tumor Registry
PO Box 202952
Helena, MT 59620-2952
Phone: (406) 444-6786
Fax: (406) 444-6557