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Healthy Montana Families

Healthy Montana Families

Healthy Montana Families is a network of programs around the state that provide voluntary, family-centered services in the home to expectant families and families with new infants and young children.

What is home visiting?

Healthy Montana Families LogoHome visiting services support healthy pregnancy outcomes, child health and development, and strong parent-child relationships. Home visiting services build on parent and family strengths. Home visiting services are generally provided in the family’s home or wherever they are staying, and may also include opportunities for group connections and other community activities.

Professional, trained home visitors partner with parents and/or parents-to-be to meet the needs and goals of the family, connect the family to community resources, and promote the physical and emotional health of the child and family.

The home visiting models implemented in Montana as a part of the Healthy Montana Families are evidence-based, which means that research shows the models have positive outcomes for families. The models implemented in the state include:

Where are home visiting sites?

Healthy Montana Families funds home visiting programs in nineteen Montana counties:

  • Anaconda-Deer Lodge County
  • Big Horn County
  • Butte-Silver Bow County
  • Cascade County
  • Custer County
  • Dawson County
  • Flathead County
  • Fort Peck Tribes
  • Gallatin County
  • Hill County
  • Lake County
  • Lewis & Clark County
  • Mineral County
  • Missoula County
  • Northern Cheyenne Tribe
  • Park County
  • Richland County
  • Roosevelt County
  • Yellowstone County

The following communities have some services provided by nearby programs:

  • Glacier County (contact Cascade PAT program)
  • Jefferson County (contact Butte-Silver Bow or Lewis & Clark programs)
  • Meagher County (contact Community Health Partners)
  • Powell County (contact Anaconda-Deer Lodge Public Health)
  • Rocky Boy's (contact Hill County program)
  • Rosebud County (contact Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Cheyenne Nation or Big Horn programs)

Home Visiting Referral Form

Click on the map for home visiting site contact information.

Home Visiting map of Montana counties

Program and Community Partnerships

Partnerships with community organizations are an important part of the home visiting services. Other early childhood systems often refer clients to the home visiting program, and the home visiting program often refers parents to other services that may be useful. In Montana, Best Beginnings (early childhood) community coalitions are key partners in coordinating early childhood services and improving the early childhood system.

Healthy Montana Families Program Goals

The goals of Healthy Montana Families are to:

  • Support evidence-based home visiting services in Montana.
  • Improve coordination of services for communities.
  • Identify and provide comprehensive services to improve outcomes for families.
  • Improve maternal and child health outcomes which include: child development and school readiness; child health; family economic self-sufficiency; maternal health; positive parenting practices; reductions in child maltreatment; and reductions in juvenile delinquency, family violence, and crime.