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Maternal & Child Health Epidemiology

Maternal & Child Health

The Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Epidemiology Unit collaborates with the Family and Community Health Bureau programs and MCH partners to effectively use data in monitoring and addressing maternal and child health issues in Montana.  The unit analyzes and interprets national, state, and local data for use in program planning, evaluation, assessment, and policy development.

MCH Epidemiology Unit Activities

Collaboration with departments and programs to improve and develop data resources and quality

  • Describing demographics and disparities of Montana’s MCH population
  • Statewide MCH Needs Assessment
  • MCH Block Grant data reporting
  • Data analysis and development of reports
  • State Systems Development Initiative (SSDI) grant administration
  • Survey development
  • Study design
  • Evaluation
  • Presentation of reports and results

Surveillance Reports


MCH Information and Resources

National and State MCH Data Resources

County MCH Data Resources

MCH Needs Assessment

MCH Needs Assessment

Regional Meetings

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email: mchepi@mt.gov