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Montana Tobacco-Free Outdoor Environments

Montana Tobacco-Free Outdoor Environments Project

Tobacco-free environments promote positive community role modeling and protect the health, safety, and welfare of community members.

Why? Secondhand smoke is deadly1 and levels in outdoor public places can reach levels as high as those found in indoor facilities where smoking is permitted.2

Also, tobacco waste litters our lands, and it's not biodegradable!

Cigarette Butt Litter

Cigarette butts are the most commonly discarded piece of waste in the world. It is estimated that 1.69 billion pounds of butts wind up as toxic trash each year.3

Toddlers may ingest cigarette butts and contents of e-juice bottles that are discarded on the ground. In 2017, 1,224 e-cigarette devices and liquid nicotine poisonings were reported.4

Tobacco-Free Parks

Tobacco-Free Parks Sign

Parks are established to promote healthy activities. The purpose of park areas is to promote wellness, and tobacco-free policies fit with this idea. Also, tobacco-free policies establish a community norm that tobacco use is not a healthy behavior for young people or adults within the entire community.

The following educational materials can be downloaded to provide additional information:

Tobacco-Free Events

The following educational materials can be downloaded to provide additional information:

Tobacco-Free Rodeo

Tobacco-Free Rodeo Participant

Tobacco has become a part of rodeo culture, but it doesn't have to be. 

Montana students, along with the Montana High School Rodeo Association, have taken a stand! We have become one of two states in the nation to have a tobacco-free high school rodeo.

The reACT Tobacco-Free Rodeo Campaign  honors high school rodeo competitors in Montana who have pledged to be tobacco-free and have served as an example of a tobacco-free leader in their community.


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What Assistance is Available?

The Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program is offering assistance to any localities or outdoor recreational areas within the state that are interested in implementing tobacco-free policies. Free “Tobacco-Free” signs are available on the MTUPP online store.

MTUPP has Tobacco Prevention Specialists in your community to provide professional guidance and help with the process of implementing tobacco-free environments.


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