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Montana One Health

Montana One Health

Animal and Human Health Prevention Opportunities

October 2014 Raw Milk Does Not Do a Body Good

July 2014 Petting Zoos and Fairs - Animals, Children, and Zoonotic Diseases

April 2014 Histoplasmosis in Montana - A New Fungal Frontier

January 2014 Animal and Human Health Prevention Opportunities

October 2013 Unintentional Brucellosis abortus Strain 19 and RB51 Cattle Vaccine Exposure Among Vetrinarians in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho

July 2013 West Nile Virus in Big Sky Country

April 2013 Swine Influenza and Variant (Swine Origin) Influenza Virus

January 2013 Brucella abortus strain RB51 vaccine - a cattle vaccine with human health implications

October 2012 Veterinarians, Healthcare Providers, and Public Health Practitioners - Important Teammates for Preventing, Identifying, and Treating Human Q Fever Cases