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WIC State Plan

FY 2018 Montana WIC State Plan 

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Table of Contents

Section I. Goals and Objectives

Section II. Local Agency Policy and Procedure Manual

I. Vendor and Farmer Management

      A. Retailer Education and Training

      B. Retailer Monitoring Visits 

II. Nutrition Services

     A. Standard Food Packages

     B. Adjustments and Tailoring Food Packages

     C. Medical Formula and Nutritionals

     D. Returned Formula

     E. Homeless Food Package

     F. Nutrition Education Contacts

     G. Registered Dietitian Services

     H. Nutrition Care Plans

     I. Breastfeeding Promotion and Support 

     J. Breast Pump Issuance

     K. Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Program

     L. Continuing Education

     M. Nutrition and Breastfeeding Education Plans

III. Management Information Systems

     A. Access Requests

    B. Records Management

IV. Organization and Management

     A.  Local Agency Staffing

     B. WIC Employee Integrity

     C. Local Agency Selection

     D. Security and Disaster Recovery

     E. Local Agency Policies

V. Nutrition Services and Administration 

      A. Local Agency Expenditures

      B. Time studies

VII. Caseload Management

      A. Appointments

      B. Outreach

      C. Waiting Lists

VIII. Certification Eligibility and Coordination

      A. Eligibility Guidelines

      B. Certification Procedures

      C. Confidentiality and Service Coordination

      D. Fraud, Abuse and Sanctions

      E. Verification of Certification

      F. Notice of Ineligibility and End of Certification

      G. Fair Hearings 

IX. Food Delivery

      A. Issuing Benefits

      B. Benefit Redemption

      C. Benefit Card Stock

 X. Monitoring and Audits

      A. Local Agency Monitoring Responsibilities

XI. Civil Rights

      A. Civil Rights and Non-Discrimination

      B. Barriers to Providing Services

      C. Collecting Race and Ethnicity Data


Section III. State Operations

I. State Vendor and Farmer Management

      A. Vendor Services

      B. Retailers Selection Criteria

      C. Confidentiality of Retailer Information

      D. Initial Retailer Application

      E. Retailer Reauthorization

      F. Retailer Stocking

      G. Retailer Peer Grouping

      H. Administrative Review 

      I. Use of Acronym and Logo

      J. High Risk Evaluation Criteria

      K. Compliance Investigations

      L. Infant Formulas Cereal and Exemptions

     M. Violations and Sanctions

II. Nutrition Services

      A. Nutrition Services


      A. Information Services

IV. Organization and Management

      A. WIC Trainings and Meeting Conferences

      B. Program Complaints

V. Nutrition Services Administration (NSA) Expenditures

     A. Financial Management 

     B. Distribution of Funds to Local Agencies 

VI. Food Funds Management

      A. Benefit Management and Reconciliation

      B. Cost Containment

      C. Participant Priority Ranking System

VII. Caseload Management

      A. Outreach 

VIII. Certification Eligibility and Coordination

     A. Appeals by Local Programs and Fair Hearings

IX. Food Delivery

      A. Food Delivery

X. Monitoring and Audits

      A. Monitoring



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