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Money Follows The Person

What is MFP?

  • MFP is a demonstration program. This program helps Montana shift its long term care system by reducing the use of institutionally based services and increasing the use of home and community based services (HCBS). MFP is focused on helping individuals transition from in-patient facilities to the community.
  • Vision - create a sustainable system that supports community options as a first choice for individuals needing long term care services.
  • Consumer Brochure
  • General Brochure

How Can I Qualify?

Residency Requirements:

  • Must have lived 90 consecutive days in a qualifying facility
  • Transition work may begin in advance of the 90th day

Medicaid Eligibility:

  • Must be Medicaid eligible for at least one day prior to transition
  • Transition work can begin without Medicaid eligibility

Program Eligibility:

Must be eligible for one of the following waiver or state plan programs

  • Big Sky Waiver (elderly and physically disabled)
  • Comprehensive (0208) Waiver (individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities)
  • Serious Disabling Mental Illness (SDMI) Waiver
  • 1915 (i) serving youth with serious emotional disturbance (SED)

Housing Criteria:

  • Home owned or leased by a participant or family member
  • Apartment with individual lease, secure access, as well as living, sleeping, bathing & cooking areas where a participant or family has control
  • Community-based residential setting such as a group home with a maximum of 4 unrelated people (excluding caregivers and personal attendants)

Make a Referral

Referral's can be submitted in two different formats.

  1. You can submit an online secured form here OR
  2. You can print and mail or fax a form here.

MFP Provider Resources


MTHousingSearch.com (Search or List Affordable Rentals)


Section 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities

The Section 811 Voucher Program will provide a project-based rent assistance subsidy for eligible multifamily properties that will cover the difference between the tenant payment and the approved rent.  The program operates through collaboration between Montana Department of Commerce (MDOC) and Department of Public Health & Human Services (DPHHS) that will increase rental housing units for persons with disabilities by integrating Section 811 assisted units within existing, new or rehabilitated multifamily properties with a mix of incomes and disability status.  Tenant eligibility:  At the time of admission, at least one person in a household considered for a unit receiving 811 rental subsidies must be non-elderly (18-61 years of age), disabled, and receiving or be eligible to receive participating Medicaid waiver services and supports provided through DPHHS.  Individuals must have extremely low incomes at or below 30% AMI, and be in the DPHHS caseload.

Kalispell 811 Units

Housing 101 PowerPoint

Moving Process

Subsidized Housing Cheat Sheet


MFP Quality of Life Surveys

MFP Operational Protocol

Montana's Money Follows The Person Operational Protocol (OP) was originally submitted in June of 2013.  The OP was amended in July of 2014.  A copy of the OP in it's current format is available here:

Montana Money Follows the Person Operational Protocol V 1.1 - Original (June 2013)

Montana Money Follows the Person Operational Protocol V 1.2 - Revised July 2014

Montana Money Follows the Person Operational Protocol V 1.3 - Revised November 2016

MFP Sustainability

Montana's Money Follows The Person Sustainability Plan was submitted to the Center for Medicaid Services (CMS) on April 30, 2015.  It was approved by CMS on July 8, 2015.  A copy of the Sustainability Plan, as approved, is available here:

MT MFP Sustainability Plan 4.30.15

MT MFP Sustainability Plan V2 11.23.16

MT CMS Site Visit Final Report

Stakeholder Advisory Council

MFP Steering Committee

MFP Staff

footprintsTraci Clark
MFP Project Director

Jonathan Arnold
MFP Project Manager

Brian Barnes
MFP Housing Coordinator

Hazel Noonan
MFP Transition Coordinator