AMDD Non-Medicaid Services Provider Manual for SUD and Adult Mental Health, Effective July 1, 2020

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  001NM Purpose 07/01/2020
  002NM Eligibility 07/01/2020
  003NM Definitions 07/01/2020


Section 1 - Utilization Management

  105NM Coordination of Services provided Concurrently 07/01/2020
  110NM Utilization Management Overview 07/01/2020


Section 2 - Non-Medicaid Substance Use Disorder Services

  205NM SUD Laboratory Testing 07/01/2020
  210NM SUD Psychosocial Rehabilitation 07/01/2020
  215NM Case Consultation 07/01/2020
Note: Please refer to AMDD Non-Medicaid Services Provider Manual for SUD and Adult Mental Health for effective dates prior to 7-1-2020


Addictive & Mental Disorders

Healing and Ending Addiction through Recovery and Treatment (HEART) Waiver Submission

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services intends to submit an application to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to expand available behavioral health treatment for Medicaid members. This application for an 1115 demonstration seeks federal authority to pay for expanded inpatient and residential treatment options as well as additional community based treatment services, and will be submitted on or before September 1, 2021. The Department requests comment from the public about the application. For more information, please go to   Medicaid HEART Waiver.

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