Montana Angel Initiative

Montana Angel Initiative LogoThe goal of the Montana Angel Initiative is to improve the access and entry point into substance abuse treatment, and ultimately get more people into treatment.

The initiative allows someone who is struggling with addiction and substance use to come into any participating law enforcement office and receive assistance in locating and being connected with treatment, without consequences or questions (subject to certain limitations). With support from Governor Greg Gianforte, the initiative is a collaboration with DPHHS, treatment providers and participating law enforcement entities.

To coordinate treatment, contact your local Sheriff's Office.  Contact information can be found by selecting a participating county on the map below.

Note: DPHHS launched an initial pilot site with Cascade County on November 9, 2021. Other sites will become active following training coordinated by the state with one session tentatively scheduled for November and an additional in December. The goal is to have all sites trained by the first of the year.

Map of participating law enforcement.

What are limitations to participation?

Potential participants are screened for the following disqualifiers:

  1. An outstanding arrest warrant or a non-extraditable arrest warrant in another jurisdiction,
  2. Participant is a registered sex offender in any state,
  3. There is a reasonable belief that the coordinator or others could be harmed by the participant,
  4. An unaccompanied minor,
  5. Must be voluntary (not court ordered, or for people encountered during investigation or response).

 What is the process for the participant?

  1. Participant lets officer or other staff know they need help.
  2. Participant is screened for disqualifiers.
  3. Get photo ID and Insurance if available.
  4. Turn in any drugs or paraphernalia (won’t be charged or investigated).
  5. Call 1-877-264-3585 to coordinate treatment.



Ki-Ai McBride
Opioid Prevention Program Manager