Montana Chemical Dependency Center Treatment Philosophy

Montana Chemical Dependency Center provides medical managed inpatient care for the disease of addiction.  Care is patient centered and outcome informed with individualized treatment plans.  A team of professionals provide treatment, education, therapy and support for the patient throughout various stages of treatment including withdrawal management.

MCDC provides the highest level of professionalism aligning our treatment with the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Level 3.5 and 3.7 care.

  • Patients will be treated with respect, dignity and understanding
  • Patient’s are expected to be accountable, responsible and honest.
  • Medical evidence based practice models will be used in treatment
  • Patients are treated as individuals without categorical classifications, assumptions or actions by staff
  • MCDC respects patient’s choices, concerns and individual needs
  • Co-occurring addiction and psychiatric disorders are the expectation, and not the exception.
  • MCDC is sensitive to the complexity of dysfunction and pain inherent in those who struggle with multiple disorders and are patient with progress in treatment.
  • Best medical practice is use in prescribing medication to assist our patients in obtaining both psychiatric and physical stability for diagnosed disorders.
  • We do not have to agree with the choices a patient makes for their life, but we do accept it.  Every effort is made to protect patient’s safety and health, and we respect their right to choose for themselves.

Admission or dismissal from treatment is not based on any one individual’s decision; rather, interdisciplinary input is acquired and documented to maximize the best outcome for the patient.