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Public Health

February 2020 - A Healthier Montana

  • The 2019-2023 State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) outlines five key priority areas to improve health in Montana, with goals, proven strategies to address health problems, and data to monitor health trends. 
  • The 2019 Annual SHIP Report is now available to be used by Montanans as a resource to support planning conversations around improving the health of their communities.
  • Visit A Healthier Montana website for updates and to sign up for a mailing list to receive ongoing communication about the SHIP.

January 2020 - Public Health Connects Us All: Social Determinants of Health

  • Conditions where we are born and live affect our health and quality of life.  These conditions are called social determinates of health (SDOH).
  • SDOH can be social, economic, or physical and help explain in part why some people are healthier than others.  
  • Public health connects us all; state, tribal and local public health are applying what we know about SDOH to improve the health of people and their communities.

October 2019 - See Public Health Differently: Stop the Bleed

September 2019 - Focus On Preparedness Month

  • Your family may not be together if a disaster strikes, so it is important to have a family emergency plan.
  • Montana has wildland fires, flooding, and winter storms.  The FEMA mobile app allows you to add emergency contact information and meeting place locations on every family member's phone so that your family knows how to connect during a disaster. Information can be accessed without internet connectivity.
  • Having a Disaster Supply Kit during an emergency or disaster can reduce the impact it has on your family.