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The Governor's Advisory Council on Aging would like to recognize all Montanan’s who are, or will be 100 years of age or older by December 31st, 2020.

Montana's 2010 census indicated we had 175 centenarians and it is estimated by 2025, we could have over 3,000. At the 2019 Governor’s Conference held in Billings in September (2019), we recognized 140 centenarians; 16 of those centenarians attended the Centenarian Banquet. By recognizing the oldest of Montana’s elders and honoring them, we hope to raise the public’s awareness of our aging society. The 2020 Governor’s Conference on Aging will be held in Butte at the Copper King Hotel September 15th and 16th, 2020. The Centenarian celebration will take place on Tuesday the 15th. This will be the 52nd Annual Governor’s Conference on Aging.

If you are a Centenarian or are aware of one and would like them to receive a Certificate of Recognition from the Governor, please supply us the following information: (The information below also allows us to honor them by including their profile (general information, favorite memories, favorite quotes) in our conference program).

  1. Centenarian's Name.*
  2. Contact person (who to send certificate to).*
    Contact person’s phone number *
    Contact person's e-mail address *
  3. Mailing address (where to send the certificate).*
  4. Birth date of Centenarian.*
  5. Is the Centenarian a Veteran? *
  6. Where were they born?
  7. If not born in Montana, what is their story on how they got to Montana?
  8. Where do they live now?
  9. What is the Centenarian's living arrangement? In a care facility? If so, name of facility.
  10. What is the secret to their longevity?
  11. What has been the most amazing event in their life that they would like to share?
  12. What is their favorite quote?
  13. Anything else they would like us to know about the centenarian?
  14. The Centenarian celebration will be held on September 15th, 2020 in conjunction with the 52nd  Annual Governor's Conference on Aging.  Is the centenarian willing and able to attend the 2020 Centenarian Celebration?

Contact Person for Celebration arrangements
Phone Number:
Cell Phone:
Mailing Address:
Email Address:

17. If attending the Centenarian Celebration at the Conference, please provide a picture of the centenarian.
       NOTE: * First four items must be completed in order to receive a certificate.

Centenarian Information Online Form

Centenarian Information Form (pdf)

Each year at the Governor's Conference on Aging, we want to recognize Montana’s centenarians. Even if we have honored or recognized them before, we want to continue to acknowledge their achieving centenarian status and each year over age 100 is an amazing accomplishment.

We continue the process to identify and recognize Montana’s centenarians, those who will reach the age 100 this year (2020), as well as all those who are over 100.

We would also like to identify and honor Montana’s oldest citizen, so please provide the information above even if you have received a certificate in previous years and have attended a Centenarian Celebrations at previous Governor’s Conferences on Aging.

Please complete the electronic (online form) or send your centenarian information to:

DPHHS – SLTC – Aging Services
PO Box 4210
Helena MT 59604-4210



Call Senior and Long Term Care at (406) 444-4077  (1-800-332-2272)

More information about the conference is coming soon! State tuned and continue to check 2020 Governor's Conference on Aging