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Montana State Hospital
Visiting Information

Visiting Hours are 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, seven days per week.

  • Montana State Hospital is located just west of the I-90 Warm Springs exit. Parking for visitors is permitted in spaces provided in front of the main hospital. Please drive carefully and lock your vehicle before entering any hospital building.
  • Visitors must check in at the front desk in the main hospital building. A receptionist will greet you and notify the unit staff and patient of your arrival. You will be given a visiting permit which should be shown to staff upon request.
  • Meal tickets may be purchased at the front desk if you would like to dine with your loved one while visiting the hospital. Each meal is $2.00.
  • If the patient is involved in therapeutic activities when you arrive, the activity will be concluded before the visit. Please understand that visits must take place around scheduled therapy sessions, though reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate those traveling long distances.
  • If the time you can spend at Montana State Hospital is limited, it is important to call ahead of time so we can make arrangements to ensure your friend or loved one’s availability.
  • Sometimes patients choose not to see their visitors. Sometimes requests for visits need to be denied for treatment reasons. In either event, a member of the patient’s treatment team will provide a brief explanation. Due to hospital confidentiality requirements, the information provided will be limited unless proper authorization has been granted.
  • Please inform a staff member if you have brought gifts or food items for a patient. Some patients are on special diets and certain items are not permitted on treatment units. Also inform a staff member if you have given money to a patient so it can be recorded and deposited in their account. A receipt will be given for larger amounts or whenever a request is made.
  • Video conferencing equipment for patient/family visits can be made available upon request. This can allow a visit from one of many sites across Montana using VisionNet technology.
  • Visitor housing is not available at Montana State Hospital.  Overnight accommodations can be made at local motels in Anaconda (9.4 miles), Deer Lodge (15.8 miles), or Butte (23.8 miles). 

Advance Arrangements are required for the following:

  • In order to take a patient off of the Hospital grounds.
  • Meeting with the treatment team or a staff member about a patient. The staff have many responsibilities and might not be readily available unless arrangements have been made in advance.
  • To bring a pet to visit. Visits with pets will take place in designated areas to minimize risk of others experiencing allergic reactions.