MSH Forensic Mental Health Facility

June 20, 2020

Policy Title Policy Number Description Last Issue Date
Admission Criteria for the FMHF MSH FMHF-01 This policy defines the criteria for admitting patients to the Montana State Hospital Forensic Mental Health Facility. 08/21/2019
Appropriate Patient Conduct for the FMHF MSH FMHF-02 Defines, clarifies, and communicates appropriate conduct for patients at the Montana State Hospital  Forensic Mental Health Facility.   02/1/2016
Staffing Requirements for the FMHF MSH FMHF-03 Defines and clarifies the requirements for staff who serve at the Montana State Hospital Forensic Mental Health Facility. 08/13/2018
Notification of Policy Implementation or Change for the FMHF MSH FMHF-04 Establishes a procedure to assure that staff assigned to the MSH FMHF understand and follow policies specific to operation of the program.  To establish a method of informing patients of new or revised policies and procedures. 08/01/2019
Operation of Patient Deposit for the FMHF MSH FMHF-05 Establishes guidelines for the operation of the Montana State Hospital Patients Accounts Office of . 06/03/2020
Verification of Licensure and Certification MSH HR-17 Provides a systematic method, which ensures current licensure, certification or registration for Montana State employees of the Montana State Hospital to include the Main Hospital, Mental Health Group Homes, and the Forensic Mental Health Facility. 09/06/2019
Credentialing and Privileging MSH MS-01 Defines procedures for credentialing and privileging of physicians and dentists. 08/1/2012
Infection Prevention and Control Plan MSH IC-09 Establishes a comprehensive infection prevention and control program. 02/17/2012
Quality Improvement Plan MSH QI-02 Provide a systematic hospital-wide process for evaluating quality of services at Montana State Hospital.  12/11/2015
Patient Grievance Procedure MSH PR-03 Describes the Patient Grievance Process. 02/12/2016
Allegations of Abuse and Neglect MSH TX-17 Procedures to be taken when allegations of patient abuse or neglect occur. 12/1/2015
Student Internships MSH FMHF-26 Establishes policy and procedures outlining the expectations of student internships at the FMHF of MSH. 02/17/2016
Discharge or Conditional Release from Forensic Commitments MSH FP-09 clarifies standards, responsibilities, and procedures for the discharge or conditional release of patients under forensic commitment to MSH for inpatient psychiatric examination, custody, care, and treatment. 01/25/2016
Initiating Services for Patients at the FMHF MSH FMHF-07 Defines the process for referring patients to the MSH FMHF, initiating services, and reviewing service provisions. 02/1/2016
Patient Rights and Grievance Procedure Information MSH PR-04 Ensures a systematic process for informing patients about their rights and the hospital grievance procedure.  02/12/2016
Nursing Assessment for the FMHF MSH FMHF-08 Defines a process for systematically collecting relevant data about the patient as the initial step of the nursing care process. 06/17/2020
Psychiatric Assessments at the FMHF MSH FMHF-09 Provides guidelines for assessing patient’s psychiatric needs while they are at the MSH FMHF. 06/19/2020
Admission/Annual History & Physical at the FMHF MSH FMHF-10 Provides guidelines for assessing patients’ medical needs while they are at the MSH FMHF. 02/1/2016
Social Assessment for the FMHF MSH FMHF-11 Clarifies policies, standards, and procedures for social assessments of patients at the MSH FMHF.  02/1/2016
Progress Notes at the FMHF MSH FMHF-12 Provides guidelines for the entry of progress notes into the medical record for patients at the MSH FMHF. 02/1/2016
Treatment Plan for Patients at the FMHF MSH FMHF-13 Establishes  policies and procedures for the initiation, development, implementation, and review of treatment plans for each patient at the MSH FMHF. 02/1/2016
Discharge Summary for Patients at the FMHF MSH FMHF-14 Provides guidelines for the completion of discharge summaries 02/1/2016
Medication Administration & Safe Handling, Principles of MSH NS-02 Ensures the safe, appropriate, and accurate administration and handling of medications. 06/5/2014
Medication Error Reporting MSH NS-06 Describes the procedures for reporting medication errors to ensure accurate and appropriate use of medications.  01/27/2014
Consultation Services MSH TX-05 Ensures provision of consultation and specialized treatment services for MSH patients. 11/8/2011
Crisis Response Services for the FMHF (patient related) MSH FMHF-15 Defines and describes crisis response services for patients at the MSH FMHF. 08/06/2019
Forensic Involuntary Medications (NGMI, GBMI, UTP Commitments) MSH FP-08 Defines the circumstances under which forensic patients may be administered involuntary medications, and defines the administrative review process under which MSH may authorized involuntary medications.  02/17/2016
Use of Seclusion & Restraint at the FMHF MSH FMHF-16 Establishes policy and procedures governing the use of seclusion and restraint procedures at the MSH FMHF. 02/1/2016
Clinical Nutrition Services for the FMHF MSH FMHF-17 Describes the Nutritional Assessment and Consultation processes at MSH FMHF; thereby providing guidelines for the identification and treatment of patients at nutritional risk. 02/1/2016
Provision of Dietary Services for the FMHF MSH FMHF-18 Establishes guidelines to ensure meal distribution and supplement service. 02/1/2016
Special Events Procedure for the FMHF MSH FMHF-29 To authorize and govern special recreational events held at the FMHF. 08/2/2018
Contraband & Searches MSH SF-02 Provide staff with guidelines for conducting searches of patients and their living areas to prevent the entry of prohibited items into the therapeutic environment  and to keep MSH staff, patients and visitors safe from items that may harm or have the potential to harm anyone residing on or visiting. 01/25/2016
Dietary Glove Use for the FMHF MSH FMHF-19 Provide guidelines to protect food, to prevent cross-contamination by minimizing bare hand contact with cooked and ready-to-eat foods, and to protect patrons from contagious and foodborne illnesses. 05/13/2020
Food-Drug Interactions for the FMHF MSH FMHF-20 To inform clients of food-drug interactions requiring significant dietary modifications to the clients of the Montana State Hospital (MSH) Forensic Mental Health Facility (FMHF). 05/19/2020
Security Procedures: Property, Facility, and Body Searches for the FMHF MSH FMHF-21 Provides security procedures specific to the FMHF of MSH. 04/27/2018
Security Procedures: Security Practices for FMHF MSH FMHF-22 Provide security procedures specific to the FMHF of MSH. 04/27/2018
Patient Visitation  MSH FMHF-23 Provides guidelines for visiting Montana State Hospital patients.  Visits from family members, friends, and other supportive individuals may enhance the treatment provided to patients and increase the prospect for the patient's successful return to the community. 08/16/2019
Security Procedures: Security Camera System for the FMHF MSH FMHF-27 Provides guidance regarding the security camera system and utilization of the records generated by the system at the MSH FMHF. 05/18/2017
Security Procedures: Discharge & Transfer Security Restraints for FMHF Patients MSH FMHF-25 Provide for safety and security when discharging or transferring patients who present a serious risk to the public and who are committed to MSH FMHF through criminal proceedings (forensic commitments). 02/1/2016
Security Procedures: Emergency Management of a Client Incident/Facility Disturbance for the FMHF MSH FMHF-28 To provide and define guidelines specific to the Montana State Hospital (MSH) Forensic Mental Health Facility (FMHF) personnel who will manage client-caused facility emergencies. 08/17/2018
Key Control for the FMHF MSH FMHF-24 Provides guidelines for controlling access to the FMHF. 02/1/2016
Fire, Emergency & Disaster Plan MSH ER-02 Ensures proper response by MSH and the FMHF personnel in the event of a fire or other emergency situation.  Ensures all patient occupied buildings at MSH and FMHF have preplanned evacuation routes and relocation sites. 01/25/2016