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DPHHS schedules Care / Case Management Engagement Meeting for November 7-8

The Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) will be holding a community meeting to discuss care coordination and case management models. The conversation will include models existing in the current Medicaid benefit plan and those that show promise for use among provider networks and other agencies statewide.

What are the goals of the meeting?

  • DPHHS would like to engage in a community conversation to 1) assess care/case management delivery models, 2) improve alignment of care/case management services to the acuity needs of those receiving Medicaid services and 3) maintain a benefit plan designed to achieve positive health outcomes while valuing the patient experience and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

What is the format of the meeting?

  • The meeting will consist of multiple 45-minute presentation slots. During each presentation slot, either a DPHHS or provider representative will present a care/case management model, identifying its objectives and value to the Montana Medicaid program. The presentations will include new and existing models. The oral presentations (with supporting written materials) will be allotted 20-25 minutes each. Following each presentation there will be a 20-25 minute Q&A session where meeting participants are encouraged to ask questions of the presenter.

Where is the meeting?

  • Date: November 7 & 8, 2018 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day
  • Location: Helena Regional Airport Convention Center, 2nd Floor, 2850 Mercer Loop, Helena, MT
    Online attendance is available. Please register at the link below to receive online access.

How do I present a model at the meeting?

  • If you are interested in presenting, please submit the Care/Case Management Model Cover Sheet and supporting materials to trclark@mt.gov by November 1, 2018. You will be provided with additional information regarding presentation time slots and materials.

How do I attend the meeting?

I have questions, who can I contact for more information?

Meeting materials for November 7-8:

Meeting Documents

Complete Care - MLTSS

Partnership Health Center :Behavioral Health Care Management in a Collaborative Care Setting

Integrated Behavioral Health / Integrated Collaborative Approach to Intensive Outpatient

Mental Health Care Coordination

Behavioral Health Alliance of MT – Adult/Children Targeted Case Management

In Home, Multi-disciplinary Team-Led Public Health Case Management for Young Families

Community Medical Services

Housing Support Services

Montana Primary Care Association

Resource Teams / Complex Care Management

DPHHS Targeted Case Management – Current Model

DPHHS – Developmental Disabilities Program

DPHHS – Addictive & Mental Disorders Division

DPHHS - Health Resources Division

DPHHS – Senior and Long Term Care

Patient Direct Decision Support