ChildrenMontana Children's Trust Fund Grantees

2018-2019 CTF Grantees


All grantees are responsible for all of the data typically collected by MT CTF throughout the grant cycle. Semi annual data will be due January 31, 2019, and a final report will be due July 31, 2019. We advise that you add a reminder to your calendar and review all instructions carefully. Please review the tips on completing the outcomes section of the application.

Financial Reports

Financial reports are due quarterly; however, if you need to receive payment more frequently let me know, and we will work out an alternative schedule. Please follow the guidelines below. Incorrect Financial Reports will not be paid until they are corrected and returned.

  • Use the contractor invoice template. Make sure to fill out the contractor information at the top of the first sheet, including Contractor Name and Contractor Number.
  • Enter approved budget on the second sheet of the contractor invoice template.
  • Review your budget narrative before you begin filling out expenses.
  • Double check your entries  for errors before submitting your financial report. 
  • Make sure mailing address matches the W-9 on file. To set up direct deposit, please contact me.
  • If you need to adjust your budget, complete and submit the request on the second sheet of the CTF Contractor Invoice. A 10 % flexibility on individual line items is allowed without a budget modification, as long as the expenses meet the budget narrative for that line item.
  • Contact Melissa at 444-3002 or with any questions.

Site Visits

There will be 1-2 site visits with each grantee this cycle. If your MT CTF funded project has an event, training, parenting session coming up, please share it with me. If there are any changes or concerns (i.e. staff, program, board, location, issues with services, etc.) to your MT CTF funded program, you should notify me right away.

Other information

Per the MT CTF RFPs, it is mandatory that programs funded by the MT CTF use the MT CTF logo on all publications/awareness materials. In press releases, articles, etc. where the logo would not be appropriate you should mention the MT CTF grant funding. We prefer that you use the file with extensions AI or EPS whenever possible. If you are using our logo on banners or any media that will cause our logo to be enlarged, the use of a vectored (extensions AI or EPS) version is required. This keeps the logo from distorting when you change the size.

As a best practice, the MT CTF requires that programs request records checks (background check) on employees and volunteers in the program funded by the MT CTF. Child Protective Service Background Check