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Strengthening Families Month 2019

April is Strengthening Families Month. Join us to promote the safety and well-being of Montana's kids and the value of child abuse prevention. Programs throughout Montana are hosting activities to help strengthen families during the month of April. Check out statewide events to learn about what is going on in your community!

Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page if your organization would like to receive free promotional materials to support Strengthening Families Month activities.

  • Go Blue Every Monday! Show your support of Montana families and prevention work by wearing blue throughout April! Share your selfies on our Facebook page using #GOBLUE!
  • Pinwheels For Prevention Pinwheel display around the Capitol Building lawn - April 17-21
    • Volunteer to plant pinwheels around the Capitol on April 17 at 12:00 PM!
  • See the Capitol Dome turn Blue for Child Abuse Prevention!
  • Nominate a champion of Montana's children and families for a Montana Children's Trust Fund Award.
  • Attend the Reading and Resource Fair event at the State Capitol Building Rotunda.
  • Pinwheel Coloring Sheet
  • Attend the Child Abuse & Neglect Conference
  • Follow Montana Children's Trust Fund on Facebook
  • Participate in Blue Sunday, April 28
    • Include Blue Sunday in your service with a theme of strengthening families to honor victims of child abuse and neglect and those who protect them.
    • Take up a collection for CTF to help strengthen families across Montana.
    • Make and display blue pinwheels, the symbol of a happy childhood, at your church or throughout your community.
    • Post a calendar of family-friendly activities available in your community.
    • Host a get-together for local families.
    • Train staff and volunteers about the signs of child abuse and neglect.
  • Visit the National Child Abuse Prevention Month website to find useful resources:
    • 2019 Prevention Resource Guide: Strong and Thriving Families - learn how to strengthen families using the Protective Factors
    • Tip sheets- give to parents and caregivers.
    • Child Abuse Prevention Month widgets - post to your website to help promote the campaign.
    • View the prevention video gallery, which features the "Building Community, Building Hope" series. Share the videos via email and social media to raise awareness among your networks.
    • Help raise public awareness about child abuse prevention and child well-being in your community. Spread the word, create interest, and urge those in your network to get involved! These outreach tools can support your outreach and social media activities

Promotional Materials Order Form:

Note: #GoBlue t-shirts are adult sizes. We ordered a limited quantity, so please keep your requests to a maximum of 15 total. Please contact Amber if your request is slightly larger than 15. If you would like to order your own t-shirts, we are happy to share the design with you.

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Strengthening Families Month 2019 activities sponsored by:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana