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Due to changes related to COVID-19, the Nurse Aide Registry is not accepting paper applications at this time. Applications should be emailed to the registry.


** Important  changes to Nurse Aide Training during the COVID19 public health emergency **

As many of you know, CMS has waived the requirements regarding minimum training and four month employment maximums for nurses’ aides. Facilities are still required to ensure that staff are trained and competent at performing assigned tasks.  Those that complete this abridged program will not be certified as nurse aides and will not be added to the Montana CNA registry. It is the responsibility of the facility to ensure that these people are properly trained and tested after the public health emergency related to COVID19 is over.   To aide facilities in assessing and documenting staff competency, a checklist developed by the American Health Care Association is attached.  Additionally, there is a free 8-hour training course available to assist providers with training aides and assistants.  More information on this course can be found here:

We appreciate the challenges associated with appropriate staffing levels during this time.  Please feel free to contact Brittney Nelson at 406-444-3437 or by email or contact Todd Boucher at 406-444-2038 or email if you have additional questions or concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions


  Use the Online Verification to check your expiration date, expiration dates are the 15th or the last day of the month.


** Effective April 1, 2019 Certified Nurse Aide renewals and new certificates will be valid for 2 years and certificates will expire the last day of the month **

Nurse Aide Registry Applications

Nurse Aide Registry Applications

To start an Online Application using ePass, click here.

     If you have issues using the online system or your account is linked to another email address, you must complete a PDF application.


PDF Applications - completed applications must be emailed or mailed to the registry

Nurse Aide Registry Online Verification

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Nurse Aide Training Programs

Nurse Aide Training Programs

**Due to the COVID 19 Health Emergency, Nurse Aide Training Program surveys have been postponed until January 2021.  If your program was due for a survey in 2020, you may continue to operate your program as normal. If you have any questions, please email **


Approved Nurse Aide Training Programs

CNA/HHA Training Program Core Curriculum Requirements

Nurse Aide Training Program Application

CNA Skills Checklist

Feeding Assistant Programs

Feeding Assistants in Long Term Care


The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has determined that paid feeding assistants may be used to supplement the services of certified nurse aides under certain conditions. States are required to approve the training programs for paid feeding assistants using Federal requirements as minimum standards. Feeding assistants must successfully complete a state approved training program to work under the supervision of a registered or licensed practical nurse.

Facilities interested in implementing a training program for paid feeding assistants will submit the training program curriculum, identified instructors and testing materials to the Certification Bureau via email to

The Bureau will review the facility's curriculum and notify the facility of the determination. Once the curriculum is approved, the facility may begin to training the paid feeding assistants, using the Feeding Assistant Skills Competency Checklist.

Verification of competency must be filed in the trainee's personnel or training file.

Feeding Assistant Skills Competency Checklist

Policy and Procedure for Checklist

Information and Resources

Information and Resources
  • Montana Healthcare Mutual Aid System
    • Montana Healthcare Mutual Aid System (MHMAS) is the Emergency System for the Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals for the state of Montana.  MHMAS is a secure, web based online registration system used to register, verify and credential volunteer health care professionals before a major disaster or public health emergency occurs.  MHMAS is a secure, web-based online registration system used to register all levels of medical professionals to be needed to respond to a medical and/or public health emergency.
      Once you register you are under no obligation to respond to a request, you decide when and where you would like to respond.  MHMAS does ask for personal information (e.g., SSN, DOB) this is needed so we can conduct a background check once a request is made for medical professionals.
      If you would like to register, please follow the link below.
      Register Here @
      For questions about volunteering please visit:
      Other unaddressed questions please email
  • To challenge the CNA exams, please contact Headmaster at (406) 442-8656.
  • If you have questions regarding CNA age limits for operating lifts, please visit