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Bonus / Lump Sum Payments

Bonus / Lump Sum Payments

Bonus and lump sum payments are considered employee income and can be garnished to collect child support.  Lump sum payments include (but are not limited to):

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  • Severance
  • Leave payouts
  • Insurance settlements
  • Retirement incentives
  • Commissions 
  • Stock options
  • Lottery winnings 
  • Awards
  • Payments resulting from verdicts 

Report these types of payments directly to the agency that issued the child support order to your company. See the All State Bonus/Lump Sum Contact Matrix tab below for more information on out of state orders.

The Montana CSED may take up to 50% of the bonus or lump sum payment depending on the amount of arrears the employee has. Other states may request a larger percentage of the payment.

You may report in one of three ways:

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