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Employer Contempt Process

Employer Contempt

Employer Contempt Process

The CSED recognizes the important role of employers in our efforts to support the children in our state and we do not wish to hold any employer in contempt or fine businesses. However, we must pursue our federally mandated duty of collecting support through all available means.

Federal and state law require child support garnishment payments to be remitted to the CSED within seven (7) business days from the date the employee is paid. If you choose to ignore or not to follow the Order to Withhold Income, you may be subject to employer contempt proceedings.

As the payor of income, you are liable for all child support payments not withheld or remitted to the CSED and may be subject to a fine of five-hundred dollars ($500.00) per each count of contempt found. A separate contempt occurs each time an employer fails to withhold and remit child support payments from their employee’s income within the timeframe allowed by law.

If you have any questions, regarding employer contempt or the income withholding order you received, please contact the CSED Investigator on the order for your employee or the Employer Liaison.

Thank you for your assistance in getting the child support payments to the families who need them.