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Child Support Payments

Child support payments are required to be submitted to the CSED within seven (7) business days from the date the employee is paid.

Payments sent by check or money order must include the employee’s name, case number or participant ID, and the employee’s pay date. If you are withholding for multiple employees, a breakdown of the amounts must be included along with the information above.

Montana law allows an employer to withhold a $5.00 administrative fee per month per withholding order from the employee to help offset the cost of withholding. This fee would be deducted from the employee's disposable income, not the child support payment.

Income withholding orders issued by the CSED will not request garnishment of more than 50% of the employee’s disposable income if the employee does not make enough to satisfy the ordered amount.

Child support garnishments take priority over other garnishments besides federal, state, and local taxes and mandatory deductions such as retirement, health insurance, and union dues. *see additional exceptions on the Income Withholding Orders page*