ePass File Transfer Service for New Hire Reporting

Please make sure your files are in the ASCII format or the Excel format provided below for submission.

Note: Do not use any punctuation when reporting new hires online or electronically as it will cause an error in the file.

To send your files:

  1. Log into ePass or create an account
  2. Click the link "File Transfer Service"
  3. Click the link "Send a new file or files"
  4. Browse to find the file you wish to send. Click the “Upload” then click “Continue”.
  5. Under “General” click on “ State Employee or ePass Montana Customer”.
  6. Under “Recipients” enter the following email address: NewHireReporting@mt.gov and click “Search”. This will populate the “To” box.
  7. In the “Message” box type the following information:
    1. Your Contact info including name, phone number, and email address. (This information will be used to contact you should there be an issue with the file.)
    2. Type your company name and current date in the “enter the name of the company" section. (example: CompanyNameMMDDYYYY )
  8. Click “Send”
  9. Go to “File” on your navigation bar to print your Sent Receipt for your records.

ePass Help Desk: (406) 449-3468
*New Hire Reporting staff will be unable to assist with ePass issues, please contact the ePass help desk at the number provided, thank you.

New Hire Reporting Program: (406) 444-9290 or 1-888-866-0327