Blind and Low Vision Services (BLVS)

Visual Medical Program

Financial Assistance for medical services are available to people who need eye treatment to prevent blindness, restore sight, or provide other appropriate eye treatment where loss of vision cannot be prevented or sight restored.

Services include:

  • Diagnosis — Examinations to determine treatment needs

  • Surgery and treatment — Physician fees, prescriptions, office visits

  • Hospitalization — Hospital or surgery center fees

  • Prosthetic appliances — prosthetic eye
    (Glasses to improve vision are not a service of this program)

  • Transportation and other services — must be specific to treatment needs

To be eligible you must:

  1. have an eye condition that needs medical attention in order to prevent blindness, restore sight or treat an eye condition due to blindness.

  2. not qualify for medical assistance through another state or federal program.

  3. be in financial need (according to state guidelines) due to the anticipated costs of the procedure.

Visual Medical services are available statewide.

To access these services, contact one of the four Montana Blind and Low Vision teams.

Billings Blind and Low Vision Services Team
2121 Rosebud Dr Suite C-1
Billings, MT 59102
1 (888) 279-7532 (toll-free consumer line)
(406) 248-4801 (voice)
(406) 652-6046 (TTY)
(406) 652-1781 (fax)

Butte Blind and Low Vision Services Team
700 Casey Street, Suite B
Butte, MT 59701
1 (888) 279-7531 (toll-free consumer line)
(406) 496-4925 (voice/TTY)
(406) 782-8728 (fax)

Great Falls Blind and Low Vision Services Team
201 1st Street So, Suite 2
Great Falls, MT 59405
1 (888) 279-7527 (toll-free consumer line)
(406) 454-6060 (voice)
(406) 454-6080 (TTY)
(406) 464-6084 (fax)

Missoula Blind and Low Vision Services Team
2675 Palmer, Suite A
Missoula, MT 59801
1 (888) 279-7528 (toll-free consumer line)
(406) 329-5400 (voice/TTY)