Statewide Independent Living Council


The Statewide Independent Living Council advises the Independent Living program on delivery of Independent Living services to consumers, outreach strategies for the underserved populations in addition to program and policy. The Council is composed of one director of a center for independent living, individuals with disabilities, advocates of and for individuals with disabilities, a director of one of the tribal VR programs and representatives from State agencies that provide services for individuals with disabilities.
Council members are appointed by the Governor and serve a three year term (maximum of two terms). Currently we are recruiting for a member as a parent or guardian of an individual with disabilities, an advocate of and for individuals with disabilities or a representative from a private business.
If you know someone who might be interested in becoming a member of the Council:
Go to the Council website, to get an idea of the Council duties.

Apply through the Governor’s website- applicants can provide as much or as little information as they want. The Governor’s office wants to have a choice in selecting new members, so not everyone who applies will be chosen.
For additional information, contact Bill Harant by email

Bill Harant
Montana Independent Living Program
Disability Employment and Transitions Division
111 N. Last Chance Gulch, Suite 4C
PO Box 4210
Helena, MT 59604