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The Montana Telecommunications Access Program (MTAP)

Committee on Telecommunications Access Services For Persons With Disabilities

Committee on telecommunications access services for persons with disabilities serves as an oversight board to the Montana Telecommunications Access Program and Montana Relay. These programs were set up to ensure that Montanans who are Deaf, Deaf/Blind, Hard-of- Hearing, Speech or Mobility impaired are able to use traditional telecommunications equipment and services. This board also serves as an oversight committee.

The Governor's committee on Telecommunications Access consists of thirteen committee members appointed by the governor of the State of Montana.

  • Four members are persons with disabilities, two of whom must be deaf or hard-of-hearing,
  • Two members who are not disabled, one of whom must be engaged in a business other than one in the telecommunications industry and one of whom is a senior citizen
  • One member from the department of Public Health and Human Services
  • One member from a public safety answering point, as defined in 10-4-101, who has knowledge of emergency communications issues for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.  
  • One member from an independent service provider
  • One member from an interLATA (long distance provider) interexchange carrier
  • One member from the Public Service Commission
  • One member who is a licensed audiologist
  • One member from the Department of Administration.

Montana Code Annotated (MCA) 2-15-2212 and 53-19-304 states the Governor of Montana shall appoint a Committee on Telecommunications Access Services for Person with Disabilities.

The Committee is allocated to the Department of Public Health and Human Services for administrative purposes only as provided in 2-15-121.