Types of Relay Calls

TRS Calls:Traditional Relay Service calls between a TTY and a standard phone are the heart of Montana Relay.

CapTel Calls:Captioned Telephone (CapTel) is the latest in technology that combines voice and text communication. Users speak for themselves, hear as much as they can, and read near-real-time captions of everything the other caller said.

VCO Calls:Like CapTel, but an older version, allowing users to speak for themselves and read the other person's responses.

HCO Calls:The opposite of VCO calls, HCO allows users to hear for themselves, and type their responses instead of speaking.

Two-line: CapTel, HCO, and VCO are available in two-line versions which make the communication process much more natural

IP Relay:A relay system using a computer with an internet connection in place of a text telephone. IP Relay calls can be made here.

VRS:Video Relay Service uses a computer and a webcam, or a video phone and a TV, in conjunction with a broadband internet connection, to make calls between a Sign Language User and a hearing user who knows no Sign Language at all. VRS calls can be made here.

Directory Assistance:Upon request, Montana Relay will access directory assistance for local and nationwide telephone numbers. The Relay CA then can place the call for the Relay user.

Branding:Branding means that Montana Relay will always answer a user's call according to his or her preferred method of communication: TTY, VCO, HCO, voice. After your first relay call, Montana Relay "remembers" the way you prefer to call.

E-Turbo Code: E-Turbo Code is a means of speeding up TTY calls. Users of TTYs equipped with E-Turbo Code will be happy to know Montana Relay supports it.
900 number calls: Montana Relay users can make 900 pay-per-calls by dialing 1-900-230-6464.

Answering Machine Retrieval: TTY users can have their voice answering machine and voice-mail messages retrieved through Montana Relay.

Spanish Language:For Spanish translation, users should dial Montana Relay's specially designated number, 1-866-225-1866 (Voice/TTY). (etc.)

Computer (ASCII) Calls:Montana Relay is equipped and ready to handle ASCII calls for those who prefer to access relay services through a computer rather than TTY.

Speech-to-Speech Relay: STS is designed for people with mild to moderate speech difficulties who can hear what is being said over the phone. Using a standard telephone, the STS user dials Montana Relay's toll-free, designated STS number, 1-877-253-4613, and a specially trained CA listens to the words. The CA then revoices the STS user's words, verbatim, to the other person. When the other person speaks, the STS user listens directly to what is being said.