Montana Relay

Dial 711 to call Montanans who are deaf.

Montana Relay makes it possible to make phone calls between a standard telephone and a text telephone, of the kind used by Montanans who are Deaf, severely hard of hearing, or who have a speech disability. An operator will "translate" between the two different phones, speaking aloud whatever is typed, so the standard phone user can hear it, and typing whatever is said, so the text telephone user can read it.

Montana Relay makes communication by telephone simple, dependable and convenient for people who have difficulty using a standard phone. Montana Relay not only provides equal access to the phone system, but also has a positive impact on the business and economic climate of the state. Businesses statewide realize that they, too, can benefit from accepting and placing Montana Relay calls. Every year, thousands of people throughout the state use the wide variety of features offered by Montana Relay. For instance, as the senior adult population continues to grow, so does the number of people who can take advantage of using text-based telephone equipment and Montana Relay.

Montana Relay is operated by the Montana Telecommunications Access Program, which is administratively attached to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.