Other Types of Relay Services

Video Relay

One of the newest technologies in telecommunications for Montanans who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing is Video Relay Service. VRS uses a high speed internet connection and either a TV with videophone or a computer with webcam to connect the sign language user with a sign language interpreter. The interpreter then completes the call to a voice/standard telephone user. The Signer can communicate in his or her native language, and so can the hearing person. Calls are more natural, more expressive, and faster. The FCC does not yet mandate VRS. There is no "official" VRS provider for Montana. But you can still make a VRS call right now if you have the necessary equipment. Here are some companies that provide video relay service:

This is not intended to be a conclusive list of VRS providers. Any VRS Provider interested in being listed here or being removed from the listing may contact relay@mt.gov.