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Interviewing Etiquette for Employers

Preparation for All Interviews

  • Have an application and interviewing process that does not ask disability related questions before a real job offer has been presented to Candidates. This complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Check that interviewing and employment offices are accessible to those with disabilities.
  • Prior to the interview potential employers should explain the hiring process to candidates and asks if any reasonable accommodations will be needed. Making sure that as a potential employer a environment has been provided that allows the candidate the ability to present themselves in the most ideal respect.
  • All questions during an interview should be job related.

During an Interview

  • A Candidate may reveal a disability to you during an interview either by stating such or by unmistakable observation. If this occurs an interviewer may ask how a Candidate would perform an essential job function as it pertains to the interviewing position. This can potentially snowball into a serious violation if not careful.
  • When discussing job functions during the interview do not ask if a person needs accommodations. This is a revealing question as to a Candidates disability status prior to a job offer and thus would violate the Americans with Disability Act (ADA)
  • Focus on a potential Employees technical skills and abilities as well as knowledge and experience.
  • Employers can offer employment to Candidates that are contingent upon Disability and medical examinations as long as said questions and exams are given to all new hires. If for some reason a person cannot perform the job after such exams and questions Businesses must be able to prove why employee could not perform essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodations, or why hiring Employee would result in safety threats to employee and or others.
  • Other tests during the interviewing process are allowed under the ADA as long as they are not medical and are part of the interviewing process for all. Examples of these are test that show Candidates ability to simulated or actual job tasks. Candidate must be informed of this portion of interview and what will be expected prior to interview. Candidate is allowed to request accommodation at that time.
  • If a Candidate is not to be hired on the spot it is customary to end the interview with the appropriate phrases such as “We will notify you of our decision in (said amount of time). Thank you for coming.”

What not to expect

  • Do not expect that a person with a disability will have another party sit in on the interview.
  • Do not expect to have questions that pertain to disability or medical examinations prior to hire.

*Information, materials, and/or technical assistance are intended solely as informal guidance, and are neither a determination of your legal rights or responsibilities under the ADA, nor binding on any agency with enforcement responsibility under the ADA.