State Rehabilitation Council


The State Rehabilitation Council advises the VR and BLVS programs on policy and program issues, delivery of services to consumers, and methods for reaching potential consumers. 

Membership of Council

The Council is composed of 22 members representing different disabilities, business, education, and advocacy groups. The members come from all parts of Montana, and over 50% of the members must have disabilities.


The Council meets four times a year, generally in Helena. Each year the Council holds one meeting out of town. Most meetings last a day and a half. In addition, some Council members meet with MVR management staff to help craft the agency's strategic plan. Members are reimbursed for travel expenses and also receive a small honorarium.


The Council writes an annual report to the Governor describing the status and effectiveness of the Vocational Rehabilitation program; reviews and analyzes the consumer satisfaction with the agency; advises the agency on policy and procedure; and helps to develop the agency state and strategic plans.

Governor's Report

If you have other questions, contact Shawn Tulloch, staff to the Council at:

Montana Vocational Rehabilitation
PO Box 4210
Helena, MT 59604
Phone (406) 564-4864 (Video) (406) 579-2630 (Text)