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Policy and Procedure

MVR Policy and Procedure Manual

Procedures and Procedural Forms represent the program clarifications of policy and procedures which shape staff response but which do not expand or reduce the client benefits.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Timeliness, Intake, and Eligibility

1.1 Timely Services
1.2 Timeliness of Referral
1.3 Information and Referral Services
1.4 Use of Existing Information
1.5 Presumption of Eligibility
1.6 Presumption of Benefit
Procedure 1.1 Procedure and Instruction for Learning Disorders
Procedure 1.2 Procedure for Presumed Eligibility

Chapter 2: State Financial Eligibility and Purchasing Policies

2.1 Table of Income and Resources
2.2 Financial Need Standard
2.3 Consumer Participation in Purchase of VR Services
2.4 Determination of Financial Need
2.5 Rates of Payment (MVR Policy B)
2.6 Prior Authorization and Verbal Authorization
Procedure 2.1 Office Financial Completion & Quality Control Procedure
2.7 Financial Limitations (MVR Policy R)
2.8 Fee Schedule Appendix A (MVR Policy R)
Procedure 2.2 General Purchasing Instructions and Requirements

Chapter 3: Assessment and Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE)

3.1 Use of Existing Information (IPE)
3.2 Assessment of Rehabilitation Needs
3.3 Development of Initial Individualized Plan for Employment
3.4 Comparable Benefits
3.5 Mandatory Components of MVR IPE
3.6 Core Requirements of IPE (MVR Policy W)
3.7 Ongoing IPE Services (MVR Policy X)
3.8 Vocational Rehabilitation Program: Adaptation of Standards
Procedure 3.1 Substance Abuse Service Procedure
Procedure 3.2 Utilization of Comparable Benefits and Financial Need
Procedure 3.3 Transitions and the IPE
Procedure 3.4 Counselor Generated Goal Assessment
Procedure 3.5 Rationale for Goal Selection and Services
Procedure 3.6 IPE Accountability Procedure
Procedure 3.7 IPE Extensions

Chapter 4: Scope of Services, Supported, Extended, and Self- Employment

4.1 Scope of MVR Services (MVR Policy M)
Procedure 4.1 Determining Levels of Transportation Services
4.2 Supported Employment VI-B
4.3 Certification of Eligibility for VREE
4.4 Re-evaluation Sheltered, VREE, other Employment Settings
4.5 Self-Employment (MVR Policy M1)

Chapter 5: Informed Choice, Due Process, and Personal Safety

5.1 Informed Consumer Choice
5.2 Counselor Determinations (Due Process and Fair Hearings) (MVR Policy E)
5.3 Personal Safety (MVR Policy C1)

Chapter 6: Case Outcome and Closure Policy

6.1 Case Closure Following a Determination of Ineligibility
6.2 Case Closure Following Employment Outcome
6.3 Supported Employment Closure
6.4 Post Employment Services
6.5 Consumer / Counselor Initiated Case Closure

Chapter 7: Confidentiality, Order of Selection and Case File Documentation

7.1 Confidentiality
7.2 Order of Selection
7.3 Case File Documentation
Procedure 7.1 HIPAA Procedure Memo

Chapter 8: Homemaker, VSM and OB Programs

8.1 Visual Medical Services Eligibility
8.2 Visual Medical Services-Scope of Services
8.3 Visual Medical Services – Closure
8.4 Older Blind – Eligibility
8.5 Older Blind – Scope of Services and Independent Living Plan
8.6 Older Blind – Consumer Rights
8.7 Reduction of Service Population
8.8 Older Blind – Closure
Procedure 8.1 Employment Outcome - Homemaker

Chapter 9: Definitions

9.1 Applicant
9.2 Assessment for Determining Eligibility and Vocational Rehabilitation Needs
9.3 Assistive Technology Device
9.4 Assistive Technology Service
9.5 Community Rehabilitation Program
9.6 Comparable Services and Benefits
9.7 Competitive Employment
9.8 Dependent
9.9 Emancipated Adult
9.10 Employment Outcome
9.11 Extended Employment
9.12 Extended Services
9.13 Extreme Medical Risk
9.14 Family Member
9.15 Financial Resources
9.16 Individual with a Disability
9.17 Individual with a Significant Disability
9.18 Individual with a Most Significant Disability
9.19 Individual's Representative
9.20 Integrated Setting
9.21 Maintenance
9.22 Ongoing Support Services
9.23 Personal Assistance Services
9.24 Physical or Mental Impairment
9.25 Post Employment Services
9.26 Rehabilitation Engineering
9.27 Serious Limitation
9.28 Substantial Impediment to Employment
9.29 Substantive Services
9.30 Supported Employment
9.31 Supported Employment Services
9.32 Transition Services
9.33 Transitional Employment
9.34 Transportation