New Information for Employers In Self-Direction

Change in State Tax Rates -02/04/2016

Almost every calendar year, tax or workers' comp rates change. This changes the amount of tax the employer has to pay on top of the employee’s wages. This is called the Employer Burden.   This year the State Unemployment Tax rate went down which means the employer burden went down and the employee max rate can go up a few cents. The DDP program needs to approve when the tax rates change.  Below is the new rates with the 2015 rate (if there was a change). Once these new rates are approved by DDP Accumen will create and send out the new Show Me the Money with the new max pay rates. 


Social Security- 6.20%

Medicare-  1.45%

Federal Unemployment- 0.60% 

State Unemployment-   1.18% (2015- 1.58%)

Workers' Compensation-  7.23%

Total = Employer Burden- 16.66%

Change in Requirement for Support Broker In the First Year of Self-Direction with Employer Authority.- 05/03/2016

Under the current 0208 Montana Medicaid Waiver, persons Self-Directing Services with Employer Authority are no longer required to obtain services of a Support Broker prior to implementing Self-Direction.  It is strongly recommended, however that the services of a Support Broker to assist the individual or representative acting with Employer Authority be used during the first year to assist in managing services and the employees providing services to the individual.